Our Summer Nails! Elle18 Nail colors!

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That Summer Buy You Cannot miss out on! Need Fun? Get Elle 18!

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Elle18. India.

While all the fashion bloggers are busy with summer trends, let us just add this dynamic Indian brand to the global scene. This brand had a different look, a different feel, a different vibe about it when it was first introduced to a woman’s closet collections back in the 90s. I was still a seven year old kid, and my sister was three and a half years old when our mom bought one of those green pastel shades that were available years ago. At a school event, I was the first one to wear a GREEN shade in my class, may be in the entire school! I got to show off a color that was thought of as an unconventional choice. I had never seen the artichoke green color before, but Elle18 got me like la la la! My sister was just a little baby when she got her nails painted in Elle 18! Sadly, the old big bottle was replaced with the revised version of Elle18 that had a slender silver holder. These were smaller in size.

Of late, Elle18 has gone all out and re-launched the products with a pop twist. The colors are bright, perfect for Instagram addicts like us! These are our latest buys! We love the entire collection, and what’s more, they look grand in the bottle and on the nails too! But be warned : Elle18 is 50 rupees per bottle, NOT 60 INR as it was before! Although the prices have gone down, the shopkeepers in Kolkata, West Bengal still sell it for 60 INR. We badly wanted the red/coral color, and we just had to pay them the extra money to get it. How is it that no shop has that particular color but the one that is selling it at a higher price? Ten rupees injury is a lot to bear. Efficient buyers like us always say no to such bad move. But we just NEEDED the color so bad! Let us just take it as a good score! I mean, Look at that red bottle!!!!! Just can’t wait to color our nails again! Simple and Bold hues, here we come for you!

www.livvyandmolly.wordpress.com www.livvyandmolly.wordpress.com www.livvyandmolly.wordpress.com www.livvyandmolly.wordpress.com livvyandmolly 11698970_133336936997774_7100264941019682837_o

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