Summer #Ootd : RIG from Pantaloons

“Not that everyday has to be merry but I like my days flawless. The only flaws that are permitted need to have my sign all over. ”

Blue printed shirt that turned heads today , bought at a Pantaloons store : RIG

Old skirt (dates back to 2003)

Local shoes.

Handmade bow by Livvy herself.

Henna art done by Molly.

No makeup, just a little hint of Lakme lipstick and eyeliner. No eyeshadow, that is just the sheen from sweating. India’s atmosphere is volcanic. ๐Ÿ˜€

Images ยฉ Livvy & Molly

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Hi! To the 15 and counting followers of this brand new blog! The above quote is totally original, fresh off the garden, and served by my baby sister Livvy. Short for OLIVIA.

She styled this blue sleeveless number with a very vintage skirt that goes by the name of “thousand pleats” in our family. This RIG shirt is a comfy buy perfect for the Indian summer. Feminine and sophisticated in the look, this is a must have. We LOVE the big blue rose prints! โค

The Choice of bag….

Livvy & Molly Livvy & Molly Livvy & Molly Livvy & Molly Livvy & Molly Livvy & Molly Livvy & Molly

The plan was to live the day simple and sassy. But not everyday can be merry.

It is very acceptable, don’t you think? That you need not bear the brunt for someone else who is irresponsible and gets you a bad report card? We keep shut out of modesty and do not think that, okay, wait a minute, why am I suffering for a misinformation that was conveyed to me? If you are honest, you will detest, by all means, the method and outcome of dishonest connivings. THERE! I JUST ADDED AN “S” TO THE conniving to make it a noun. I am Livvy’s elder sister, Master in English, and we have been taught there is nothing called English, it is ENGLISHES. And my English says I can make, break, mold, sweep any letter or word I want for my convenience. Poetic License to kill the language? WHY! OF COURSE! That is the beauty! English can adapt! It can boast of being so much forgiving towards all its speakers. I am just a loyal English devotee, more so because we have Anglo blood in us. And we don’t see India covering up the slithering drains, nor do the educators accept that they are the ones misleading the entire nation! You pay money for 6 practical classes, then you are told that the classes will be held for two days, and when you go for your classes the second day you are told that the marks will be deducted for being absent for the four days in between. Is it the same everywhere else? The Indian education system is not fit for kids. Because kids are sensitive, and if you have no sense in you , get out of my country India!!!!!!! Because when I was studying the goner chapters on Indian Revolutionaries I was one with them, as a youth, as a reader, as a someone who was written off and as an honest person who was not given the credit for being loyal. Ask any publisher of school books in India, take a look at the contents of History books, you shall find nothing more than just three pages on the young minds that really cared about the freedom. Has it been included in mainstream History as a grand chapter yet? Yes? Then I was unaware of it if it has been given life in pages. I left school in 2008. I don’t touch history nowadays, even though my medal of honor for bearing the highest marks for that subject is sitting in my locker. Indian History is beautiful, but never read it in the country it has happened. It tears the soul of Indian Nationalists who tried so hard to make a difference but amounted to nothing. All springing chaos. Not chaos, the beauty. Chaos, the sin against soul.

The reason I left my B.ED course? I love being a teacher, but not in India. I would hate myself everyday if I had the degree, got myself into school teaching, and be cursed by students for slowly turning into a monster who wears sarees and makeup and ruins the youth by stating, ” You know nothing. I KNOW EVERYTHING.”ย  So we’ve been told by some shallow teachers. Trust me, there are teachers running “great” institutions out here who beat your children because their mates beat them up at home, they have flunked in board exams but are teaching your kid for some low paycheck, and you tell your kids to shut up when they prove to you how unworthy these teachers are. Grow up to be their real parents, please. Your child can be saved from a wrong teacher if only you learn to listen.

We are convent bred. We know discipline, we do not recognize the autocratic monopoly that goes on in schools and colleges. So, today was one such day my sister had to bear that made her sunny morning a drag. But we are teachers, we teach ourselves, we see no reason to ban students with tattoos, with piercings, with different colored hair. We believe in discipline with meaning. Not all crazy people are artists, but artists are crazily good. Turning that sun up with this beautiful post………and look at how my sister is all cheered up, never letting a single scratch ruin her moment of shine!

Until next time! We mean, the next post!

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-Livvy & Molly, XOXO โค


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