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My sister and I believe that music helps our work life run smooth. I was a Literature student and a guitarist, I used to write musical notations for my own songs, we both are church choir singers. Be it Gospel, Soft Rock, Pop, Country, we binge all unless the lyrics are too offensive or the music is unbearable. Go on and listen to these songs hand-picked by me and my sis. Here are The Top Songs this weekend on our playlist :

Chloe Howl | No Strings is a 2013 song that has stayed on our playlist. Like the music. Crooning the sarcastically entwined lyrics.

Ariana Grande | Our fav song from the Grande Album? Love Me Harder, feat. The Weeknd. Even better if you get your lover duet with you, or a karaoke?

Fergie | LA LA LA LA LA……… Fergie, and no fun? You cant be kidding! You take the names of famous places and not go big? L.A Love is one catchy thang with that LA LA LA LA LA theme!

Jason Derulo | I melt when I hear Jason. It Girl is like the ultimate song a girl needs on her list to just make her feel good about herself. The boy chasing you? And you kinda like it? This is your song! One oldie I love love love!

The Script | Man on a wire with undertones significant of other songs but bearing the trademark of The Script’s mellow rock. Nice and sweet!

Bastille | One word : Oblivion. The song speaks.

Mat Kearney | Ships in the night was an accidental discovery for me. If you have not heard it yet, and you love soft yet on-the-beat-stuff… listen to this song.

Shawn Mendes | is doing the rounds with “Stitches”, also on our current playlist. Have you seen the video? Simple, and less is more themed!

Paloma Faith | There is something about Faith, beside her pretty hair and style. Upside Down is definitely our good vibe tune!

The Pussycat Dolls | Another old tune, but hey hey hey! Wait a minute! That is PCD! ❤

N-Dubz | The song Strong Again featured in the film StreetDance 3D. We got hooked to it from then on!

Sia | Our blog sidebar says we are song-binging Elastic Heart. YES, WE ARE! The version feat. The Weeknd and Diplo is a must-have! Sia is all over our playlist! The video does justice to the lyrical depth.

Do you Love any of these songs on our list? Are these on your playlist too??? Leave a comment !

The weekend playlist will be updated every two weeks with a new post. Other posts on music that we hear will be updated randomly. The contents are solely compiled by Livvy & Molly, and we do not consult Billboard rankings. We post about our personal preferences.

-Livvy & Molly, XOXO ❤


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