Monsoon #OOTD : The rainy day outfits.

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Images & Content © Livvy & Molly

Camera : Nikon Coolpix

Polka dots Peach Shirt : 109F bought at Pantaloons.

Jewelry : Avon India

Fashion and style blogging in India will attract people who stare and make passes. The streets and stores don’t allow you to take your time and be comfortable with what you wish to show in the photographs. All you need to keep in your head is : You want the background? You click it! We have a thing for ornate stuffs. This door is an old one, you can see the cracks and the damage. But we love it still. People will stare. So let them!

livvy & molly 13

Wearing this peach polka dot and stripe shirt from 109F I picked up at Pantaloons store. The stripes are on my back! (Pictures below) . This shirt is a part of collection that featured palazzo and skirt of the same color combo and polka dots theme. By the time I got back to the store this collection was gone. My bad. I will still be drawing the collection as part of the fashion illustrations that describe what we wear. More of that coming up on our fashion illustration blog Brand Olishna.

livvy & molly 15

Price of the 109F shirt : 1399 INR

While it was a damp, humid, on and off rainy day, Livvy wanted to keep it simple and blue. Her choice of Jewelry here is AVON. She is wearing an over sized printed tee and lace polka dot leggings.

livvy & molly 10

A jeans bag.
A jeans bag.

Around the town ……

livvy & molly 34
She could have dropped the handkerchief. But, oh well, goofy pictures make good!

livvy & molly 8 livvy & molly 2 livvy & molly 30 livvy & molly 31 livvy & molly 32 livvy & molly 29 livvy & molly 26

Peace Lover : Livvy style!
Peace Lover : Livvy style!
livvy & molly 41

Livvy hates this pic but I like to say I love it when things are not so perfect… A rainy day and not messy? Fashion blogging is not all that pretty after having clicked like 100 pics to just get few good… And few doesn’t stop just at 40 and counting!

livvy & molly 36

Until next post!

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-Livvy & Molly, XOXO ❤


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