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We know how WordPress does not allow us to embed Pinterest javaScript code onto our sidebars. You need to get plugins. But one thing WordPress allows, you CAN paste the url to your profile and pins on any post and on any page you want! We just got started on Pinterest after a really long time, and a lot of things have changed on Pinterest so far, and we LOVE it! There are secret boards that you can have all to yourself! Sending pins and messages can be fun! My lovely sister Livvy and I kind of play sending pins to each other. Now where is the fun part you say? Well, we do not follow same accounts or same topics. So, a lot of our feeds do not match up with each other. She sees a different set of wow images and I get to browse through all the other set of images of topics that I love. Our pins do not match either! So, she shoots me some pins from her side that I am totally unaware of. I send in some of the best pics of drinks I pin on my profile. And we sort of gather different news for each other. It also keeps our profile decluttered as everything out of millions need not flock all over just one profile! THE BEST PART ABOUT HAVING TWO IN A TEAM, RIGHT!? Not too much but just efficient!

Our fav pins the past week :

Are you on Pinterest, and loving it? What is your fav topic that you follow and pin the most?! We love to hear from our readers! Comment!

Pinterest profiles : Livvy and Molly

-Livvy & Molly, XOXO ❤


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