Garnier India My Essentials Contest Winner

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You guys! We have a super news to share with y’all! If you are following us on Instagram ( @sudeshna_mb AND @25scorpions ) you will know that we do not enter contests or giveaways much! Hello! Lack of Time! But we recently raved about the Garnier Face Wash : Garnier Pure Active Neem + Tulsi High Foaming Face Wash| Product Review.

and were editing photos of another Garnier product we loved that we were thinking of reviewing next month, and as I tagged Garnier India on one of my Instagram photos I checked out their account for latest news, and voila! I read about a contest where the participants were to tag them on any three of the Garnier products with the hashtag #MyEssentials. Now, all my beauty bloggers and Fashion bloggers know how luck plays out in these games. I posted the picture below on my own account and whispered : Here goes nothing!

Today, I logged in to see that Garnier India had tagged me in the photo below and I am still gushing! (The picture below was reposted by me, original photo is by Garnier India )

I still cannot believe that I got lucky!

My sister and I are anxiously waiting to hear from them. (We sent in our contact details just few hours back!)

We hope to share more on this once we receive the goodies, we still do not know what is in it for us. So, Fingers Crossed!

I am still screaming! THIS IS HUGE!

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-Livvy & Molly ❤


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