Pinterest for Food Bloggers

How are you people? My sister and I were just having breakfast, yes breakfast at 3:00pm in India… Blame it on our blogging jobs! And after sending in articles, we do have to keep our personal blogs running too! And not to mention, our own social profiles!

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Our Story-writing blog The Librettist

And our blog about zodiacs The Scorpio-Pisces Stories

Yes, we have five blogs, the other one is about Christmas, but we are currently working on it so I am not going to promote it right now. Do feel free to check out what we do on all our blogs!

So, you do get the idea how we both sisters go crazy when it comes to blogging. From taking pictures, to drawing, to thinking how to make our blogs pretty, it is all gravity defying…metaphorically!

So, coming back to the main purpose of this post : This is just another of those miscellaneous posts about other stuffs. Let’s talk Pinterest right now. Monday and Pinterest. I hope all are having a satisfying Monday! Well, if not, head over to Pinterest! We know, we know, it will not exactly going to turn your busy day into a light one, but we all deserve a little break! Pinterest is like an online magazine about EVERYTHING!

We are talking about Food here!

Don’t the pictures scream YUMMY??? My sister is an excellent sorceress when it comes to food. I am not saying it because she is my sister, she really really really is that GOOD! We’ll post pictures to back that up! But in the meanwhile give your appetite visual treats!

For the ones who love Chicken!

For the ones who like vegan

Other Pins we absolutely love!

We’ll post about the fashion and beauty front tonight! Comment and let us know what else would you love to see on our fashion, Food, and Lifestyle blog!

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-Livvy & Molly, XOXO โค


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