Garnier India Shades Of Ambition Contest Winner

Images and Content © Livvy & Molly

Facebook embedded images by Garnier India.

Brace yourself, here comes another contest!

The last time we posted about how I won the #MyEssentials contest, (read here)  and boy, do you ever get that lazy feeling to not enter any other giveaways or contests after you actually win?! I go through a relapse moment, okay? So, I left google searches to my sister and slept off. Then my sister wakes me up suddenly and tells me about another contest Garnier India is hosting. I am a very humble heart, I will take that. So I just told her I would rather let others win. Then it clicked, I just blurted out that She should take part instead! AND SHE DID! AND SHE WON! I feel this week of 2015 has been so good to us that we should probably go take a break and run around all the exotic beaches! Nah! That would probably happen after winning , like 10,000 contest?! So, here is what my sister found on the Garnier facebook page after she was told that she won. { Photographs of the goodies will be posted asap when we receive them followed by reviews after usage of the products}

This was the contest :

And this is what Livvy wrote :

Contest winner Livvy Garnier 2 Garnier contest winner Livvy

Here’s another chance to win some goodies if you are in India: Give it a try , Garnier India is so much more than just a pretty brand, y’all! The contests are galore! And they do take notice of people who participate with zeal!

Will you be participating? We hope you do! ( P.S : We were not sponsored to write this post, this is entirely by us and we just wish to spread the happiness by letting others know of the next contest that went live! May be you could win this time and post your reviews so my sis and I could read! )

And since we love hearing from you guys, do post comments and let us know what you think about such contests. Do you love giveaways and freebies? What would be the ultimate product you’d love to win? Come on and let us hear you out, pretty people!

  • Livvy & Molly, XOXO

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