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Model : @25scorpions

Photographer : @sudeshna_mb

Camera : Nikon Coolpix and Samsung

Note : Livvy’s hair hasn’t been styled, it is just combed. She has natural brown straight hair with few strands of peeking blonde, thanks to our genes. The wind did its work, and the sun just shone it bright to play along! No foundation/concealer/blush used. List of accessories given at the end of this post.

Livvy _and_Molly_chic_skirt_outfit 2

Molly : “I like it this way”

Livvy : “It is so sunny! How can I pose for our blog now!”

Hello everyone! We are back with an ootd post! Check out what I wore recently! These are some of my favorite vintage accessories I swear by!

Livvy _and_Molly_chic_skirt_outfit 3

This floral top was styled by me on this blog before, I am so in love with this top that I go back to it to restyle it every now and then! Read here for the previous style I sported with this floral top.

Livvy _and_Molly_chic_skirt_outfit 4 Livvy _and_Molly_chic_skirt_outfit 5

To go with this outfit I tried on a very vintage pair of sunglasses that belongs to my mom!

Livvy _and_Molly_chic_skirt_outfit 6 Livvy _and_Molly_chic_skirt_outfit 7

A Timex chunky watch? Check! One of the traditional watches that has been a part of my family is Timex. Although this watch is male, many women will agree with me and my sister that women DO want to wear big dials! I have never liked slim and feeble dainty string watches that showrooms display calling it ladies’ watches! Is that even good to hear!? They keep pushing to buy a slim wrist watch when a woman enters to buy! If a girl wishes to buy a big wrist watch then let her! Some people like it big! No pun! No gender discrimination!

Livvy _and_Molly_chic_skirt_outfit 8 Livvy _and_Molly_chic_skirt_outfit 9

Livvy _and_Molly_chic_skirt_outfit 10

Molly : “Give me those poses you do when you feel funny.”

Livvy : “I cannot believe you are doing this to me! Taking my pics in this hot weather, and telling me to be funny!”

Livvy _and_Molly_chic_skirt_outfit 11 Livvy _and_Molly_chic_skirt_outfit 12

The skinny shiny rose gold tinged belt is from Max Fashion.

Livvy _and_Molly_chic_skirt_outfit 13

This bag is VERY OLD! I like it how vintage stuffs from one’s family can make a strong presence in modern day wardrobes!

Livvy _and_Molly_chic_skirt_outfit 14

I prefer to wear my Lakme India Eyeconic Kajal , and Avon Lipstick when I sport my florals! The following shots have been taken with a different clutch that belongs to Molly. She loves her black floral motif clutch. It looks good with everything! The ring is our favorite and it has three ornate butterflies designed as framework. Molly always says, “A good ring is all your finger would ever want!”

Nail Polish is by Elle 18. More detailed post on make up coming up soon!

Livvy _and_Molly_chic_skirt_outfit 15

Livvy _and_Molly_chic_skirt_outfit 16 Livvy _and_Molly_chic_skirt_outfit 17 Livvy _and_Molly_chic_skirt_outfit 18

The eyeshadow I am wearing here is Lakme Absolute Drama Stylist Shadow Duos. Super fun, great color!

Livvy _and_Molly_chic_skirt_outfit 19

Livvy _and_Molly_chic_skirt_outfit 20 Livvy _and_Molly_chic_skirt_outfit 21

The following picture is about the Catwalk shoe I love! If there are shoes that hurt you it is time for you to purchase Catwalk. These lovely blues have been my besties for quite some time! They do not hurt, do not give you blisters. The heel is comfortable, and big on quality!

And yes, I do not believe in waxing or shaving my hands, body hairs in the right place is desirable. A little sparse hair will only make you look human, sport it! No one bugs a man if he has hairs, why shame a woman for it when women are still part of the race?! We are real girls, you see us walking fast up and down the roads to work, colleges, schools, we chase our dreams even when we know we cannot always stand by them, we sweat in summer, and sneeze in winters, also the other way round!  We get greasy hair, we take weird photos, we like what little we can do to get to our goals. If that means less make up, more make up, less sleep, more sleep, we do not care. Not everyone has the time for a luxurious life, but everyone wants it! We can dream! And being mannequin perfect is not on everyone’s list! Get real, and be real always.

Livvy _and_Molly_chic_skirt_outfit_catwalk

Outfit : Floral top : Pantaloons

Watch : Timex

Belt : Max Fashion

Shoes : Catwalk

Nail Polish : Elle 18

Make up : Lakme , Avon

Vintage Black Skirt, vintage bag, retro sunnies, and the ornate ring are my own.

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