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Hey there, everybody!!!! Hope you guys are having a lovely fall season!! If you are in India you will know Octobers are not as they used to be, I remember it being a little cold in the evenings almost twenty years back when I was five. Days have changed, in India you won’t realize it is October already! The weather is sunny, and rainy at the same time! And since Halloween is not a public celebration here autumn gathering is only evident in few families who love holidays. Also, OCTOBER IS MY SISTER’S BIRTHDAY MONTH! I know, I know, SCORPIO thing is on!!!! We are, as always, spinning out of control, running extremely behind schedule, and picking up cute stuffs on the way! Like, right now it is 2:59am Monday and I am still sane to type this post! All errors, if any, must be overlooked, and do send me hugs and kisses from where you are! My sister is smiling smugly.<3

Here are the few things you will see in this month and the next. More to feature because we have recently got many gifts from friends around the world! Links will go live on this post too after we post on individual items.

Camera : Nikon Coolpix

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Also visit our other site Brand Olishna, and let us know how our new artworks are shaping up! Direct Link to posts on the pics below :



See you tomorrow! And enjoy your day!

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