Vintage #OOTD | Styling clothes the retro way


Content and Images © Livvy & Molly

Camera : Nikon Coolpix

Hi, y’all! We have been very busy lately, and why not!? It is Halloween season! Christmas is just few days away! Here is one photo post my sister and I have been looking forward to share with you guys! Talk about major vintage clothing! ❤ ( Today is 25th October here already! And it is Livvy’s Birthday! A grand ootd post will go live later in the day! Make sure you follow us!)

Details of this ootd throughout the body of the post! Enjoy!

First up, Livvy in her vintage dress!


This black and red floral printed dress is not a branded one. We are major dress-repeaters, and do not shy away from wearing a small-business production to local tailor made clothing designed by us. Yes, we are designers, and fashion illustrators first. So, before you might conclude us as just another pair of style and fashion bloggers let me tell you that our living features designing and art mostly, for all the leisure time we photograph each other! That is why you will see very rare pics of us both in one frame full body. This pretty dress was made by a neighborhood tailor after we directed her to make the cuts exactly like the one you see. Pretty neat, huh!? I love seeing my sister in a vintage dress. What era was it, 1960s 70s? Pin up styled too! Hair style remains the same almost everywhere for us, we do not use hair styling gels, hair dryers, nothing! We just like it natural. And this is how it stays! ( We have natural straight hair, Livvy’s hair is light brown and dark brown, the hues are naturally blended. She also has blonde rare streaks here and there, just like I remember her being born with)

Livvy_and_Molly_ootd_floral_dress_pinup Livvy_and_Molly_vintage_dressing_print 1

Lipgloss : Lakme Absolute Gloss Stylist.


Eyeshadow : Avon Quad

Eyeliner : Lakme

Nail Color : Elle 18

Livvy_and_Molly_makeup_lakme_avon Livvy_and_Molly_Livvy_makeup


And now, the pictures below feature me, Molly, the one who takes the bulk photographs, for now. Livvy will take over once her semester exams are over. So, here is me, styling a tie front blouse with a very old skirt of mine! Again, the hair is not “styled”. I cut my own hair and my sister’s according to what we want to show in pictures. Excuse my broad smile. I smile a lot 😀


Blouse : Pantaloons

Livvy_and_Molly_Print_skirt_rosesLivvy_and_Molly_makeup_reviews 1

Lipstick : Lakme 9 to 5.

Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Nail color is same as Livvy’s.

Livvy_and_Molly_makeup reviews_lakme_lips


Shoes : Bata


The bow you see Livvy wearing is handmade by her. She loves making bows out of varied fabrics!

Also note that we don’t have front camera phones, so it is absurd to even think we have our piercings on the left side of the nose. We pierced our right nostrils. 🙂


So, This time around wear lots of prints! For a change let this fall be more than just woollens and obvious colors. Let the fall be best season for you! ❤

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