Fall #OOTD | Bodycons and Costume Jewelry

Images and Content ยฉ Livvy & Molly

Camera : Nikon Coolpix

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How’s everyone? Hope you guys are having a wonderful October-November transition! Got an OOTD post ready for you guys! Sadly, all my jewelries are on their way to India ( as it takes a massive number of days to reach here from any part of the world!). So, I have accessorized this super sexy lace dress with a jewelry from a brand based in India ๐Ÿ™‚

As usual, my hair is not colored, I was born with this. My hairs are naturally straight. I just tied a pony!

Livvy_and_Molly_bodycon_jewelry_ootd Livvy_and_Molly_bodycon_jewelry_ootd3 Livvy_and_Molly_bodycon_jewelry_ootd5 Livvy_and_Molly_bodycon_jewelry_ootd12 Livvy_and_Molly_bodycon_jewelry_ootd13

Find this dress here from LightInTheBox โค It is a super fun dress, loved the feel, and the zip is trustworthy, the pattern of the lace is intricate. โค

Also see more variety here !


This satin white bow is handmade by me, and was made especially for this outfit the night before, a five minute task! ๐Ÿ™‚




The bag is from Max Fashion India . This emerald green costume Jewely I am wearing is from Itahdnura Kollections.


All the earrings are my own and are quite old, the color match with the necklace is purely coincidental! It is a perfect match though! โค

Livvy_and_Molly_bodycon_jewelry_ootd8 Livvy_and_Molly_bodycon_ootd_style Livvy_and_Molly_makeup_fall_bodycon Livvy_And_Molly_itahdnura

Wearing Elle 18 Nail Pops , Lakme Duos , Lakme Gloss Stylist, Blue Heaven Eyeliner.

Livvy_and_Molly_necklaces Livvy_and_Molly_bodycon_jewelry_ootd15 Livvy_and_Molly_bodycon_jewelry_ootd16

Shoes : Catwalk


Molly trying to be all cool, showing off her white nails, and supposedly seeming to say I am posing good?!


Molly is wearing Lakme Duos and Blue Heaven Eyeliner . No fake lashes. No mascara .


Photograph with my sweet sis A.K.A my photographer.

Here’s to hoping our jewelries, makeup, and other stuffs reach us soon! And not by DHL , as we recently had a huge drama sequence to take care of created by their employees! More on that on another post! Soon to feature here are some awesome handmade jewelries, and a very exciting OOTD post by Molly! โค See you next time!

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