Fashion Accessory | New Jewelry Artist Discovery | Coachella 2016

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Hey people! We are back! We know people were missing us, had so many people email us about why we did not post anything for so many days, it is like a war going on with our personal issues , we are still working on it! Anybody feeling any computer problems? Our computer is making it hard for us to edit pics, so please bear with us. In the meantime, We are bringing you some real fun jewelry/jewellery artists!!!! You could rock their creations at Coachella this week!!! YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! Also, We got an awesome deal for you at the bottom of this post! Let’s get down to business and talk jewelries!

First up is Julianah Rotimi Jewellery :



See how pretty they are? I totally love how beautiful they make me look!

Julie is edgy, massively drawing inspiration from what the eternal creator himself, and also her surroundings. She is a very talented goldsmith , based in UK, and a member of The Association of Designer Craftsmen, The Association for Contemporary Jewellery and The British Jewellery Association. Pictured above are the rose gold ear studs from her lovely SWAN COLLECTION! They are extremely pretty, I mean it! I, Molly, am going to include a blog post dedicated solely to these babies because you guys need to see these real close, I have many pics of these to prove that these special earrings are real fun and well crafted! So stay tuned for that post coming soon. Meanwhile, Find her creations here

Next is Minerals by Michelle


Think about layering some necklaces with this beautiful rhodonite jewelry! I assure you these are bound to give your outfits a boho touch! Michelle is a crystal jewelry maker and you can contact her here if you want to get something like this! Look how cool the rhodonite looks as a necklace! This is my first rhodonite! So, yes, I am very excited about styling this sweetheart!

Next, Feltnlove


Gorgeous , right? Just imagine how wonderful would these be if you work at least one of these for Coachella this year? Or, other parties? Or, for your sacred circle meetings? Not only would these be super beautiful for your closet diaries, but also get real authentic craft to keep for ages! Aliza is a jewelry maker who makes tassel jewelries, crystal jewelries, bracelets, many more!

The surprise for my readers is that you can purchase anything from Aliza’s shop with a 15% discount . Just use our code Limo15 ❤ (Yeah, that limo car is our code. lol) You can also find a widget landing on her page on our side bar, look for this exact image!

YOU NEED THESE! YOU TOTALLY DO! Just gorge on her site here to see what I am talking about! Beautiful for beauty bloggers, fashion bloggers, party animals, commoners, students, anyone can rock her jewelries! And if you do buy with my code, Dont forget to post a comment below this post to let us know you did! We will share your look or what you purchased from her on our site and give you a shoutout!

Come back to check out what we got for you on our next post! You will read something new , or about someone new! We are always searching for fellow artists or ventures we could possibly find a kin to our blog. Get in touch with us! Read our F.A.Q page for more.

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