Jeffree Star and Colourpop lipsticks for summer

Hey , June summer!! June summers are terrible in India. I am barely going out during the day, I like my work flexible and that means I get to be on my home computer often. All art orders are to be processed later in July. Livvy and I just cannot take the heat! We are water signs, and we hate the heat! So, while we are still getting our items delivered one at a time, things are getting slow! I don’t know what’s wrong with the USPS, but the LC and LJ trackings are taking longer time to reach us than we thought! So, while we have nothing else to do about it but wait…here are some of our fav lippies we love from JS and CP collection. (We are expecting some of the gorgeous CP lippies and one JS lippie to arrive very soon!)

Pictures on this post are taken from Jeffree Star cosmetics website and Colourpop Cosmetics website.

The Lip colours we love from Jeffree Star!

Scorpio : Like Jeffree, Livvy is a Scorpio too! If you have lived with a Scorpio, you know what I am hinting at! My sister is a very sweet Scorpio girl who will not think twice before assessing you, your words, your color choices, and Scorpio’s might be wild and mild but they are always fun to be with. All Scorpios around the world know one thing for sure, to stand proud as a Scorpio. I won’t get too much into detailing, will leave that as a topic for my other blog that deals with water signs. So, this beautiful color is a must! Livvy and I are happy that Scorpio did not get interpreted as a red here! Mostly the color that gets linked to Scorpions is red or black. But this is a breather! So fresh, and so very unique! Bam!



Doll Parts : Pinks and Pinks! You want to be a sweet lipped fairy? This is it! Candy lips or what!!!? Woah!!!! I like this softer version of pink a lot!



Masochist : We’d keep this color for both spring and summer. We love this “crushed berries on ice”. Think about cool pinup themed dresses, and vintage styled looks ! I’d love this in my bag!



Check out Jeffree’s vids : I love the May favorites so much! Click here to watch it!


And the lippies we love from Colourpop

The Rabbit : A super intense colour we love! Livvy would rock this! I am not a bold lip girl, but I’d love to try this out! ๐Ÿ™‚


Lumiere 2 : I know, everyone calls it Lumiere’s sister. So not fair to let it be in the shadow of Lumiere. I personally love this color more. Perfect for everyday!


So, these are our favorites right now!ย  Have you tried any of these? Or any new lippies you got this season? Comment! We’d love to know! See you soon, girls and boys!!! โค

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