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Hey Hey Hey, Sugar Plum!!! So, yesterday we showed you Applause from Tuesday In Love halal Nail polish range, if you have not read about it yet you can read all about it here .

Now, to begin with, Sugar Plum Fairy is a very sassy violet color both Livvy and I adore! These are my nails by the way (we never use any false nails). These polishes are water permeable, and can be peeled off very easily. I seriously lose my mind when I don’t get the time to remove polish, so these are keeping us very happy these days!!


I have put one coat on my index nail and two coats on the others so you see a little difference in coloration there.


And all you need to do is peel it off when you don’t want it anymore, make sure you put at least two coats so the peeling is smooth.


Also, play with some cool nail accessories when you want! These little flower motifs are available at Born Pretty Store! Or apply a transparent top coat that is glittery, just like I have done in the photos next. I have used a barely there golden-ish, transparent glitter coat. Using a top coat would ensure long stay. Tuesday In Love top coat is also water permeable, so we often use glitter coats that lock the color well for many days.


More halal certified polishes by Tuesday In Love coming your way this Eid! Hope you all enjoyed reading! How do you like the idea behind these polishes? Are you a Nail polish addict, and love accessorizing your nails too? Let us know in the comments!

Don’t forget to read our previous post on Applause by Tuesday In Love ! ❤

See you tomorrow, dudes and dudettes!  🙂

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