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Livvy_and_Molly_Tuesday_in_love_halal_nailpolish_sonic boom1Livvy_and_Molly_Tuesday_in_love_halal_nailpolish_sonic boom2Livvy_and_Molly_Tuesday_in_love_halal_nailpolish_sonic boom7

Here’s the third nail polish we like from Tuesday In Love, and it is called Sonic Boom. It is a very tangy yellow, artists like us will instantly see it as a shade we call “Chrome yellow” . Yeah, it is near about that shade. Super for both summer and fall. Livvy loves it and so do I! You can play with animal prints with this baby. So, here are the swatches! Note that the pics above are taken without the application of any top coat. For longer stay I used a glitter top coat in the pics below. ❤


Livvy_and_Molly_Tuesday_in_love_halal_nailpolish_sonic boom4Livvy_and_Molly_Tuesday_in_love_halal_nailpolish_sonic boom5Livvy_and_Molly_Tuesday_in_love_halal_nailpolish_sonic boom6


Once again, let me inform you about these halal certified polishes, these are peelable and water permeable. Very smooth and comes off easily. So, if your work does not permit you to go fancy on your nails you can try these and peel them when you are about to hit work, yes I know some crazy people think if a girl is wearing nail polish she cannot excel at work. Take for instance, teaching. I used to study B.Ed and the disgusting thought that if a girl is pretty or does a little makeup cannot teach well made me angry. I dropped out. This is not the only reason, remember that. The B.Ed course is flawed because the profs teach wrong, the attitude is wrong. Whoever said a person with heavy tattoos cannot be a priest? Art is not wrong, Creativity is not wrong. So, I was too cool for old teaching methods. Like I care? I used to teach many kids, and they still take me for the coolest teach around!

Now, coming back to this yellow… is yellow a favorite of yours? Not mine, but since I have started wearing this shade it does make me feel unconventional. May be because I am more of pastel and muted hues than pop and shock colors, and yellow is never the color I end up with. But Sonic Boom is totally worth it! Gorgeous tinge to play with!

Have you seen the other two nailpolishes of this range? Applause and Sugar Plum Fairy reviews are already up! Watch out for more! And comment comment comment! We love talking! Where my dudes and babes at? Are you on facebook? We could be friends!

Also, my sis and I are artists/ illustrators,  we sell art and ship worldwide. Please feel free to contact us! View our latest art teaser here !

Untill next blog post! Have a great weekend ahead!

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