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And we are back!!! Mid week and we are planning to have an awesome weekend ahead!

Care to get some nails done? So, you girls/guys keep reading about these polishes from Tuesday In Love lately on our blog and I hope you all would get these asap because these look real good in person. With no top coat here, the first four pics are taken after applying two coats of the polish KISS YOU. Closer to chocolate and yummy to look at! You may have to reapply more than twice in some cases as there are colors that do require more coating than others. This is one of my favorites, more because I like chocolates and Livvy took a whole lot of pics with my hand modelling against a backdrop featuring a box of chocolates and choco cookies after these pics were clicked. We were supposed to have this coconut in shreds after the shoot, so why not shoot this pretty half-baldy ? And, yup, those are my real nails.. after this photo shoot I cut my nails short and now typing on the key board is much fun! LOL! The other polishes we will post about were taken before this one, this was the last one to be shot. My rings here are made of silver. Super Thanks to my baby Livvy for clicking these pics! ❤


Once again, these are halal certified nail polishes. So these are made water permeable, easily peel-able, and  no remover stress. For easy peeling please coat thrice properly. Check out APPLAUSE , SUGAR PLUM FAIRY , SONIC BOOM , and VAMPIRE KISS for more!


Below are the pics after application of a goldenish transparent glitter polish I am using lately as a top coat. ❤


We have few more coming up from this sweet brand. We heart how simple and chunky the bottles are!

What colors did you like best so far from those that we wrote about? The links to those are on side bar / related links widget, or just explore other posts we wrote before this one. Leave comments if you love this! Like like like our post if you wanna say “Thumbs up”! And follow the blog because we do not want you all to miss out on anything that we will bring to you here!

Have a sweet week ahead, everybody! XXX

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