Summer Style | with Dixi

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Molly : Hold on, that’s a Dixi ornament! One look, and you know it! Every boho warrior soul needs a Shop Dixi jewelry.

Livvy: Have you seen their collection yet? Calling all goths, mermaids, gypsies!

As water element signs Livvy and I are both found of silver, and feet adornment comes easy to us. Our first ever international anklets are from Dixi ! Livvy is wearing Nomad Coin Anklets here. These super enchanted anklets come for £20 and the coins have intricate designs on them! Check the link below to shop!



Hi, It’s me Livvy, and I’ll take it forward from here! For these gorgeous anklets I chose to wear a white crop top, and jeans. I am pretty much a denim/jeans girl, and yes I could have teamed the anklets with sarong, or a bikini…but instead I chose to wear what I am wearing these days. Also, I love headgears and hair accessories, so I have included the layered chain hair accessory look here!


As a sea goddess Dixi warrior born in the sign of Scorpio I am more at comfort with my dancing vibes, and how my form reacts to the elements around me. The sun, The greens, The waters, The sky, everything. My constant passion to be one with the creativity in me, and the inspiration around me.


Like an everlasting soul that knows no bounds, Dixi empowers and inspires the thirst to be original. The most simple elements deem to be extraordinary in every jewelry collection by DIXI. There is always a surreal vibe to the exquisite designs, bohemian touch to the metal, something so very special that every goddess who owns a Dixi jewelry will always be drawn to it and cherish it for life. So very tuned to nature and this universe, the scorpion in me feels melded with these beauties.


The toe rings are made of silver from a local city jeweller.

These are the few on my crave list from DIXI:


Another favorite of ours! Sea goddesses that we are! Aren’t these so delicate and pretty?

Shop this here:


My second favorite is this one! Lively, and chic! Shop this here:

Molly : Credit me!

Livvy : Of course! The photographer is….

Molly : No! Every one knows I take your pics, and you take mine.. The henna!

Livvy: Henna is done by Molly fish.

Molly: HAHAHAHA… Your feet look stunning by the way! No joke!

Livvy : I LOVE DIXI! I dont wanna take these off!

Molly: Don’t!


Livvy & Molly signature


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