Vintage Dressing and Floral prints

Having a sweet Friday, are we? Ummm, may be yes, may be not? But who can resist day dreaming about a little flashy vintage fashion? Here’s what we are crushing on today, and yes, you will see Livvy and me wearing vintage themed dresses and shirts this summer! While our shopping cart is ready to be totaled we are bringing you some sweet floral pins we found on Pinterest! Make sure you follow @livvyandmolly so you get notified about vintage styles we pin! Think about the cuts, the flare, the patterns, the accessories!


And we have not forgotten about the men. Take it from two fashion savvy girls, floral prints look sassy on boys, they do! You are talking to two girls who wear nothing but denim and jeans, and we know that feeling when you think like, “noooo, I cannot show up in that super umbrella skirt, and what will people think? They will take me for girly-girl! They will stare hard as though I got teleported from yesteryear!”

GUESS WHAT? NO ONE’S BOTHERED ABOUT WHAT YOU WEAR, AND YOU SHOULDN’T BOTHER ABOUT WHAT THE PEOPLE THINK! You like it? You wear it! To heck with people who stare! Livvy and I are little tomboyish, just a little..just a little. But , oh boy, are we crazy about skirts and pin up dresses! OH YEAAAHHHHHH!!! So, men, please do dress up in floral shirts and ties. They do look hot! Take it from a class of females who look forward to seeing floral prints on men.








For more, please feel free to explore the pins we saved today! Did I mention we love chunky watches? You did see a picture of one chunky watch we pinned to the “Men” board. That is because we both sisters kind of hate the slim women’s watches, and instead wear big belts and dials. Men are blessed. The stores just keep suggesting slim watches to women, and that just bugs me! I am saving more male watch pins from now. Did you see the big dials all over pinterest? BAM!

Note : Livvy and I will blog about men’s fashion from now on, whoever said women can’t model for men’s clothing? And, many women would agree, we know what suits the men. *grinning hard. โค

Another note : Never judge two women who illustrate men’s fashion (we are fashion illustrators first). WE KNOW WHAT’S ROCKING! ๐Ÿ™‚ {header image by Jon Whitcomb}

Do you like vintage too??? OOOOOOHHH!


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