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Today we are talking about MILKSHAKE . This creamy nude from Tuesday In Love is such a pretty and easy color! Excuse the lack of brand label in the pics below, we saw the writing coming off just a few weeks ago and by the time we got to clicking the pics of swatches this bottle had bits of branding left on it. The previous pic was taken six months back during the Christmas season when the branding was still there and she managed to take a blurry cell phone snap of it when she first tried it on. The difference in color is because of the lighting, but rest assured it is the same bottle and the same lacquer. This is just to show that the branding was okay when the package reached us, but eventually the writing wears off.


This line of nail polishes is halal certified, and are peelable. So, you don’t have to run after removers at all. Like, how amazing is that? It bothers me and Livvy when we take the polish off with removers, the smell is too chemical-ish. And the chemicals in removers are pesky. You might argue that nail polishes are chemicals too, why wear them at all!? I like painting. My sister likes painting. That’s what we all nail polish lovers have, nail polishes! But the remover part always gets under the skin.


With Tuesday In Love, you just peel it off when you want! But mind you, no working without top coat if you wish to see that color on you for days. The pics above are without top coat. For more on TIL colors read APPLAUSE , SUGAR PLUM FAIRY , KISS YOU , SONIC BOOM , VAMPIRE KISS

The following pictures were taken after applying a goldenish glitter top coat. Get more creative with nail art techniques if you’d like, who’s stopping ya! ❤


Next up, another TIL color we cannot have enough! Did you see the gorgeous Tuesday In Love water permeable nail polishes yet? Which one are you thinking to try out? Definitely worth the purchase, so go get some for your nails!

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