Belle Lingeries | Tweens Underwire Padded T-shirt Bra in Magenta and Dark Purple | Review

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This might surprise many many people who know us personally, because the whole world knows us as two sisters who don’t wear revealing clothes and never would imagine to pose semi nude. We belong to orthodox Catholic family and would never have the confidence to pose for a lingerie review. Come to think of it, why would we be shy to post about the garment we wear under our clothing? We are not ashamed of what our body looks like and body shaming is horrendous even when you do it to yourself. There is nothing nasty about being open about what brings foundation to your clothes. As bloggers, I feel, if we women are confident to post flatlay of lingerie then we might as well wear them and show we are less hypocrite. Not the perfect body? No one is perfect, sweety! No one! We buy because we need, and good lingerie is super essential. So, for the first time in life, we both dropped our inhibitions,  and posed to show you how cool these underwired t-shirt bras are. These came in separate boxes, and the molded cups feel super sexy! The best part for me are the straps, sleek but nicely built.The tiny bows stitched in the centre are classic motif details, and these two colors stole our hearts. Ladies and Gents, these are Belle Lingeries ! ❤ (By the way, That is me, Molly, in Magenta, and my sister Livvy, in dark purple.)


Find the magenta here , and the dark purple here .

These beauties were ordered via Flipkart.

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