Apples, Pears, Sweet Lemons For Fall

Images and Content © Livvy & Molly

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Last time you saw us post about Fall veggies we are having this season, there were some fruits in there but today we thought of showing you what mainly we are loving in fruits. Some sweet lemon, apples, and pears anyone?  Livvy loves pears. I love sweet lemons but the sweeter the better. I don’t have sweet tooth. I just like my sweet lemons sweeter. Haha. Apples are okayish. My sister and I love green apples, the tiny ones. Livvy loves citrus, so oranges, lime, lemons make her happy. Having more fruit based meals not only make your body and skin happy but also you feel the change in your life process that you go through. Requires no harsh chemicals that we consume everyday when we cook. A little internal cleansing we call it.

So,Halloween is just few days away, so stay tuned for some Halloween makeup and more outfits! What are you guys up to? Halloween and Christmas hold special place in our hearts, so we are getting ready for the season!

Have a very sweet day/evening, people! ❤ Livvy & Molly signature



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