Halloween Skull Makeup Idea 2016

Images and Content ยฉ Livvy & Molly

2016 Halloween is almost here! And we cannot wait to start with our first Halloween makeup post on our blog! We tried a very simple look and it turned out to be a very successful one, first time not bad! Since we are artists first we thought that this year would be amazing to do some Halloween makeup on us, we did not have body paint, so we tried face packs instead! Haha. Below are the looks and the products we used, please excuse the horrific stare. We wanted to get a ghastly look for the camera. Trust us, we were smiling like silly after the pics were taken. I look like a total retard though.

Livvy _ Molly_Halloween_makeup_blog_post.png

The makeup products used to achieve the looks are:

  • For the white face base: VLCC Fruit Face Pack & NIVEA Pure Effect total Face Cleanup.
  • For drawing teeth and other skull details: Blue Heaven Cosmetics Liner & Lakme Insta Liner.
  • For the eye sockets and nose : Lakme Duos Eyeshadow
  • For the blood stain: Lakme Enrich Satins

Directions :

  • Apply the face pack as desired.
  • Apply eye shadow to make eye sockets dark as possible
  • Draw cuts, lines, teeth, to give the skull illusion.
  • Put red lippie marks to show blood stains!
  • And you are Done! ๐Ÿ™‚


Also check out our latest Halloween Artworks on Brand Olishna and let us know your opinion โค

Have fun people! And thank you for following us! ๐Ÿ™‚

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