Fall Outfit | People Printed Skirt and Yellow Shirt Review


We are just a week away from HALLOWEEN! Oh, We love Octobers! My sister Livvy is a Scorpio so October is a very special month for us. Today we are posting about Fall outfit we put together and it is my first solo ootd photo blog. Haha, I really don’t take much photos of myself, I am always busy writing. Livvy is excited to show off her birthday outfit so we’ll be onto that tomorrow. Most of what I wore here are bought on Flipkart, and we made the best of the Big Billion Days Sale. The prices of the items vary from day to day and the cheapest rates are available mostly during the sale, so you are in luck if you need any of these, the Diwali sale starts on 25th , Livvy’s Birthday!!!! Yay!!!!livvy_and_molly_people_shirt_skirt_review_flipkart_2livvy_and_molly_people_shirt_skirt_review_flipkart_3livvy_and_molly_people_shirt_skirt_review_flipkart_4livvy_and_molly_people_shirt_skirt_review_flipkart_5livvy_and_molly_people_shirt_skirt_review_flipkart_8livvy_and_molly_people_shirt_skirt_review_flipkart_13livvy_and_molly_people_shirt_skirt_review_flipkart_15livvy_and_molly_people_shirt_skirt_review_flipkart_17livvy_and_molly_people_shirt_skirt_review_flipkart_19livvy_and_molly_people_shirt_skirt_review_flipkart_20livvy_and_molly_people_shirt_skirt_review_flipkart_25livvy_and_molly_people_shirt_skirt_review_flipkart_6livvy_and_molly_people_shirt_skirt_review_flipkart_12

I am a huge Pin-up fashion girl but I never get to wear skirts, I love the idea of wearing skirts and although I don’t like curling up my natural straight hair into a pinup hairdo I still love the fringe hairstyle I have had since I was 3.ย  I am not a girly girl, so I always wear jeans everywhere I go but this is such a cute outfit ensemble I just can’t get enough of it. This Shirt and the Skirt are so beautiful and comfortable to wear, I made it my fall outfit not only because of the color, yellow and black and a little bit of green designs that reflect the sweater patterns are all fall combo elements but also because October is still so summery sunny here in India (Kolkata) . Yellow is not my favorite color but I am giving this shade a try because a little yellow never hurt anybody! My shades explain it the best. I chose grey Annabelle heels from Pantaloons to go with the outfit. The details on the outfit are at the end of the post.livvy_and_molly_people_shirt_skirt_review_flipkart_21livvy_and_molly_people_shirt_skirt_review_flipkart_22livvy_and_molly_people_shirt_skirt_review_flipkart_23livvy_and_molly_people_shirt_skirt_review_flipkart_24livvy_and_molly_people_shirt_skirt_review_flipkart_26livvy_and_molly_people_shirt_skirt_review_flipkart_27livvy_and_molly_people_shirt_skirt_review_flipkart_29

And the details on the makeup :

These are my real lashes by the way, We don’t use falsies!


The manicure nailart is done by my sis, Livvy ,and she drew the whole spooky design! Check out the Tuesday In Love nail color Sonic Boom here.


I got a little wacky while posing, it is fall, and I guess I am allowed to play funny. How do you like my nails? Livvy drew it all, this is the first time I am getting my nail art done by someone else and not doing it myself! We will post about the nail art tools later! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a sweet post compiled for the sweet tools, they are so pretty! Hope you enjoyed the post as much as I smiled during the shoot. ๐Ÿ™‚


Outfit Details

Yellow Shirt | People | here

Black Skirt | People | here

Sunglasses | Danny Daze | here

Neck Jewelry | Jazz | here

Midi Rings | Girlz! | here

Grey Shoes | similar

Earrings, Bangles, Bag are from my old collection.

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For collabs and events please email at livvyandmolly@gmail.com โค

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