Hello, November!

November! Who is excited to meet December already? With all the festivities of October, be it Halloween or Diwali, November brings a pretext of December. We celebrate Thanksgiving towards the end of the month and our house is already gearing up for Christmas. We have not shared cake recipes before but we plan on writing posts about baking soon. I don’t know how time just swallows up my days and if you blog for a living and also run multiple blogs, and say you have an art business too to look after you know you need 14 days a week. Livvy is always busy doing her grad studies, I run to her for approval, she is still a kid to me so I leave her with the artworks she sketches and most of photo selections only. I get to sit down and get dirty with writing, editing, doing widget tricks, drawing my own art, forgetting to upload on Facebook, forgetting to Tweet. And this goes on all the year round. I recently wrote two short stories on The Librettist and You can check out Flying Budgerigars and The Night I Missed You . If you like what I wrote then please do comment and leave your opinions below the post, I love to know what our readers think. Livvy is right behind me sketching some fashion and beauty thingies for our art blog Brand Olishna . She says “Hi!” to all of you. Moving on with today’s topic, November. Hands up all who love Christmas! We LOVE Christmas. We wait for December like elves. Our parents are almost nearing a divorce. I wouldn’t say we are shocked or unhappy. We are happy about it, because the strain of all these years is now concluding. As daughters we have been a source of pain to our father because we are not sons. He has made several attempts to kill us. We are in a hell that only we know of. But one needs to block such devils out so the work runs smoothly. So my sis and I can concentrate on art and writing and not be torn without healing. That’s the the little streak of whatever right now.

We are all making transition in fashion and beauty, everybody is switching to all the fall colors, we love dark lipsticks and chokers and we just had a blast on Halloween. We did a little sugar skull makeup here. This is time we love watching T.V, reading books with wintery and fall themes, sweaters, cakes and coffee, and all the decors! This November we are planning about how special we can decorate December. Lots of special food, and hairstyles to follow! More music, I have a special Christmas music collection and you can expect some pretty cool music suggestions coming up your way. November, thank you for being such a sweetheart, for giving the joy of Thanksgiving. So very thankful to have a wonderful time with my baby sis and two birds. And also thankful for having wonderful readers such as yourself! You guys make it so special! What we’d love is to cherish this warm crispy feeling November brings with it. 2016 is almost over. And let us wrap it up in a grand way. Make more people happy, and inspire others with what you have.

A very Happy November to all from Livvy & Molly , xoxo

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