Chocolate Cake and Chocky Bourbon Teddy

We would love to introduce a special guy today. This is our Teddy, his name is Chocky Bourbon. He is all about chocolates and loves to get new clothes stitched by his mommies every week. He likes to eat chocolates all day and night ๐Ÿ™‚ Say Hi to Chocky with many kisses! ๐Ÿ™‚livvy_and_molly_chocky_bourbon_teddy_bear_3livvy_and_molly_chocky_bourbon_teddy_bear_2


Our teddy also watches T.V with us, likes hugging mommies when they are working, right now in my lap as I am typing this post. Haha. We are in our twenties but still remember the day we bought him at a small toy store. A very special thank you to the people who made him, I am sending out a smile to the people who made this baby bear, and it has been over a decade this guy has been the only teddy we love the most. The guy does not age! โค We believe C.Bourbon poops chocolates too. Haha. He is that cute! โค

Hope you all are having a nice time, and please try to distance yourself from all the negativity American elections have resulted in, the media is going crazy. Stay grounded, and don’t take all that drama in.

Remember : Chocky Bourbon loves chocolates, so you should go and have some chocolates too! ๐Ÿ™‚ (Cake recipe soon to be posted!)

Also, for readers who have not seen our art site Brand Olishna and our poetry and short story blog The Librettist , please do visit and follow us there too!

Lots of Love!

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