Sister Blogger Bond

These are my feet. The ones with fish henna design. Hi, I am Molly. The one who writes mostly, and yes, I am a Pisces, evolved one. My sister, Livvy, is the one who does the “ok tested” part for all posts before I hit “PUBLISH” button. Those are her feet, with spiral swirly Scorpio tower design. She is the one who models mostly, I am extremely camera shy, but If you know me well you will know I am slowly loving the selfie game. My sister and I are twins, well, that’s what the world thinks. I am elder to her but I am shorter, so no one gets to know who is older. We wear the same sizes, the only size that differs is our shoe size. I have tiny feet and even photographs don’t register that. We have same features, but people who meet us in person know who is who. We, more or less, have the same choices and opinions. But we do have differences. We meet each other half way when we cannot resolve something. That is, safe to say, a very well thought solution to anything. Meet me half way.

As two women who have their own set of beliefs and two different thought processes we feel working together should come easy. Not because we are related, being sisters does not influence our way of thinking or preferences. But because we appreciate each other and strive to find a common ground. Even when common grounds don’t appear we are left with appreciation for differences. How cool can you be when you work with someone who is totally opposite to your ways? Such situations occur, at office, home, roads, everywhere. We all face people who are different from us, and then we find people who might be exactly like us (some who may pretend to be like us and win us over) or people who are not exactly like us but also not contrary to our composition either. When it comes to sharing projects, home, work, kitchen, you have to remember one thing. Work hand in hand. We cannot shoulder the entire responsibility and cripple ourselves, we also shouldn’t hog the whole limelight. Share the burden like you share the glory. Team work depends on building the bond. Like, I write, she verbally edits. I shoot, she suggests. She models, I tell her to smile. She cooks, I do the dishes.

We, as bloggers, plan together and have fun together. We, as artists, sketch out our own individual series. We need to let each other be happy in our own creative world before we think of mashing together under one banner. One needs to keep in mind that the individuality of all the members working as a team must not be lost, and also to synchronize the different energies together.

Here, at Livvy & Molly, we are sharing a picture so meaningful to our existence. How we, as sisters and working women, love to celebrate our female energies. This photo also shows off our henna love and how we love herbs and veggies. ๐Ÿ™‚

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7 thoughts on “Sister Blogger Bond

      1. You could ask him to. He might like shouldering some of the blogger burden we all face. haha. We both bicker like two brothers mostly, we are not very girly girls. But then the female common ground does help in bonding.

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