The Day Before Christmas 2016

It’s Christmas Time!



Oops, I guess we all are blogging about Christmas and more or less have the same opening and ending note to all our blog posts this merry merry season. But who is getting to know that some bloggers are not playing it nice? Well, we recently got to know that a Bengali blogger-photographer duo, apparently they are a couple, and they chose to follow one of our blogs, Brand Olishna ,to feed on! And even when they do not follow our style blog here we keep seeing them copying the exact lines and exact sidebar headings from this very blog! She and her vet husband have gone to the lengths to post a copyright notice on their blog whereas they choose to copy others, without even crediting us or others. We are not angry, we don’t believe in anger drama in such issues, but a little respect is what everybody needs. If you can’t handle someone blogging better than you , you will never be humble yourself. Don’t steal, work on what you have! Copying without giving credit is a shame! You will see our insta feed on the sidebar says “Insta Life” as we love using that hashtag a lot, after we headlined it that she just had to change hers and put the same headline! We have also seen her copy lines, from our blogs and from other bloggers. That is such a crime. We all can pose alike, but waiting to pounce on everything we say and do ? That’s overdoing everything! Take it slow, and do not complicate things for yourself. Because my sis and I show our personal lives here, we do not own dresses we just pose in and then keep them away, we are two middle class working women/business women who live life just as we show here, there is no pretence! One such day from our book highlighted today for you : Today is 24th already, and it is Christmas! Like any Christian house is right now, the cake and cookie smell all over is like WOW! The decoration, fairy lights, the trees! The chill in the air! Who is ready to see what we are going to wear to Church? Ah, wait for it! We’ll show you soon! May this December bring you a grand January of 2017! Please be compassionate towards everyone and animals, not only during Christmas but also all your life. A true Christian is never afraid to show love and feel someone’s pain, celebrate the faith and miracle.

If you recreate this look then please tag us on Instagram or Twitter so we can share it! The polishes we used are Vampire Kiss and Milkshake โค

Come on and join us on our Instagram because we’ll be posting there first about our 2016 Christmas fashion, food, and beauty!



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