Greatest Christmas Hits to listen to this Holiday Season 2016

Merry Christmas, World! All churches singing out loud and praising the name of Jesus! Yes! And to make your day/night more musical than ever people are turning up the volume of the carols. We have a huge collection of Christmas songs and we are featuring a very special compilation of trio CD songs, some of the best songs on all the three CDs this compilation consists of.ย  But we also know and have the cover versions sung by other musicians, so we are sharing the vids of some covers as well. Not an ordinary music review, we are making an attempt to give you a playlist, some songs are on the CDs that we bought 10 years back, some are not. So these are our music suggestions. Hope you love them ๐Ÿ™‚

First up, THE FIRST NOEL . All three of the covers deserve to be played this season, press play!

HARK! THE HERALD ANGELS SING : Johnny Cash is on the CD but I really love how the music seems so flowyย  on the version Jewel sang.

Who loves WINTER WONDERLAND?? This song is such a pretty one!

Between Martina McBride and Meaghan Smith I’d go for…. both! Jerry Vale is such a sweet oldie and that makes SILVER BELLS a must-have on our list!

Okay, because Livvy and I had Blue and White Christmas as theme this year, BLUE CHRISTMAS, everybody! You get Elvis, Loretta, and The Lumineers versions!

Did you guys hear Santa Baby by The Pussycat Dolls and Taylor Swift? I love The Pussycat Dolls version, but Taylor Swift’s version is not worth any Santa! Sorry but she sounded pretty fake when I first heard it. Here are the top versions we love. Very hot song and an amazing Eartha Kitt vocal is what we love the most!

Again, can’t choose! These three LITTLE DRUMMER BOY covers are gorgeous. Music and vocals, congrats to all the three singers for putting their own twists on the vocals and giving us beautiful song versions.

WHITE CHRISTMAS, I am dreaming of a white Christmas, hmmm, such a soft and sweet song for slow swaying dance or just turn down the volume and keep talking to friends and family at gatherings with this song playing in the background. Chill air and this song, gives us a romantic vibe! โค

Now now, we all know LAST CHRISTMAS been beating every sick lover and over-beaten every Christmas, but it IS a lovely song! Wham! just didn’t know the song would be beaten too far! Haha.

Some other songs and covers we love, have you heard any of these yet?

And a little song to remember Christ for what He has done โค SAVIOR’S SHADOW

We could add over 500 song covers we own but a blog post should not gulp all your time, not when it is the most super time for parties and festivity and family time all over the world! What do you think of these covers? Do you have any special carol or hymn you love that speaks of Christmas? Hope these songs keep you warm!


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Content and Cover photo ยฉLivvy and Molly

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