Molly’s New Year OOTD

2017 !! We are so done with 2016 and thank God that year is gone and gone for good! It took few days for us to compose the New Year outfit post but girls gotta do what girls gotta do! With all the feasting and festive stress, we found time to click pics and bring some new jewelry and outfit destination you could try out this brand new year! Typing this post with all the loud music around, yup, it is all still so festive at home now I can barely think if I am including all the links right. So, this is me, my print on print outfit that I wore to Church on 1st of Jan. The links to all the accessories and the outfit are at the end of the post ๐Ÿ™‚


I am so in love with the crop top, I am not a fan of the blue color, but dark blues just get me! Perfect fit and when my sis and I ordered for the crop tops (she has a white one from the same brand) we did not know it was padded. That was a cool surprise because it wasn’t mentioned on the item description page. Once again, what steals the show is the perfect fit. And I am in love with the floral print, so much so I hand drew exact petals on my nails, who wouldn’t love matching nail art? โค Scroll down to see!



As for my bangles, let me just show you how beautiful these Lingua Nigra bangles are. Hand etched and dreamy!


The coral ring from Aisegul Telli reflects richness of the ocean and vibrant hues of the water life. This beauty has many sisters and you can follow the link toward the end of the post and see the collection yourself.


The earrings I am wearing are from Adele Dejak. This pair with geometric shapes in recycled brass and reclaimed Ankole cow horn is from the Swaady collection โค I love long danglers and these were just perfect for the day!


Jazz jewellery is a staple one, loved wearing this choker necklace.


The jewelries were my favorites this season, I just can’t wait to pair these with other different outfits. I repeat my accessories with outfits so you’ll see these in many more posts to come this year ๐Ÿ™‚


Some hand drawn nail art by me, please feel free to recreate any nail art design we make, just be sure to tag us on any social media platform so we can share your work on our accounts as well โค


I bought this bag way before I knew this beautiful coral ring would be mine, so the color match is entirely coincidental ๐Ÿ™‚



I usually stick to very boyish styles and soft tones, so print on print was very new on me this New Year’s . Comfy and floral. โค Would you dare to go all spring floral this season with print on print? I am not a stickler for dictated fashion, and I wear what I love โคย  Don’t forget to visit us on Instagram and stay in the zone by following this blog! Up next, Livvy’s outfit! Stay tuned!

Outfit details

Crop Top | 99 Hunts | here

Palazzo | 2 Day | here

Earrings | Adele Dejak | here

Ear studs | Jewelz | here

Necklace | Jazz | here

Bag | Lorna | here

Bangles | Lingua Nigra | here

Ring | Aisegul Telli | here

Toe Rings | Frabjous | here

Shoes | Anand Archies | here

For any business/ promotions/ collaborations just email us at , weโ€™ll get back within few hours.

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