White Cape Top with Gold Jewelry

Happy Wolf Full Moon! This post was supposed to be up by yesterday, but things got delayed. Past 2am and I am still typing this, cold enough to have me cling closer to my keyboard right now! So, who is liking cape tops? You know, tops and dresses with capes! Butterfly-ish? Yeah, I bought myself this white top and this is so very comfortable for spring, winter, and summer. White is my second favorite color, so I am very happy with how this top makes me feel about All White Everything. Paired it up with my old jeans and some really cool gold jewelry. I am more of a silver person, but good gold with designs have a very charming effect on me! Find the details and links to the items I am wearing at the end of this post โค


Yes, as you can see, the triangular tribal patterns on my white top is visible in some photos, so in love with the boho vibe this top has all over it!


Some of you will recognize these shoes from my Christmas outfit update here , I am not letting go of these blue shoes anytime soon ๐Ÿ™‚


This is my fav gold ring from my personal collection โค


These beautiful crescent earrings are your besties this season, any luna goddesses out there? Grab these! Because anything moon can always spell magic โค My sister wore these for the New Year’s outfit, check it out here ๐Ÿ™‚


The vintage locket you see below is so close to my heart now, you can insert pictures of your loved ones and always have these as heirloom. I am obsessed with the floral pattern! You are in for some cool discovery (read : perfect antique jewelry collection) when you hit the links to see where this is from โค Find the details at the end of this post!


And the makeup : No false eyelashes, just a little mascara. Who’s got problem with long lashes? Me. I really can’t wear my glasses for long because of the lashes hitting the glasses let alone try falsies. So, sparkly glittery Pur Cosmetics eyepolishes are on the lids, and some dark lippy I won’t disclose about right now . Maybe in next post? Haha.


And here’s a pic with the tired photographer, my sis Livvy, with no makeup. I just dragged the kid out of the bed and tormented her to take my full body shots. I am very cruel to her at times. This is very mutual though. โค


This Titanic pose was a bit too much, agreed ๐Ÿ˜€ but just so you know, I did feel like a butterfly โคย  Don’t forget to follow this little blog and also find us on Instagram to see more!

Outfit details

Top | Global Desiย | here

Locketย | Lillicocoย | here

Earrings | Une Part de Bonheur | here

Shoesย | Aashka | here

For any business queries/collaborations/events please do email us at livvyandmolly@gmail.com โค

All images and content ยฉLivvy & Molly

Have a grand weekend, you all! โค

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