Abuse and Stuffs


Why is it that some people just can’t handle a single opinion? Why do some people shift blame on to others? Why play with someone’s mind at all? Fun? Funny? Some people like that they have the power to drive someone insane, to the point where a person will feel suicidal. And suicides, to some mean people, is like a comedy on repeat! Someone is always dying, so you laugh. You laugh and someone dies. While some may just use the word “suicide” to just threaten, I am not even interested to speak to that sort of people and least bothered if those people are reading this who feel suicide is for the weak ones, for people who take life lightly. As a born Roman Catholic I know that suicide is taking me to hell, if I commit it that is. I am not promoting self throttling or self wrist slashing. I am just saying, that, people who go through massive negative emotions triggered by someone else who is so calculative you should actually laugh at. Because that person who is framing your suicidal mind is the one who deserves this sea of negativity, not you or me who are feeling suicidal every moment now. Abuses : what a collective term for things so greatly hurt us! Abuses from parents, from the opposite gender, from the people of your own gender. Because abuses come in from all sides even to people who seem strong and big. The abuser is always calculating. They don’t self-check. We all have a self-check switch, and we all self-analyze ourselves. I don’t step out of the home without eyeliner, I don’t. Well, today I did, because I didn’t want to look too pretty for the bank employees. See? We all self-analyze about how to be and why to be and what to be, to show and set standards. The abuser’s self-check mechanism is always on high alert. Never take their excuses as authentic, because they aren’t. The abuser wants to fool you, fool you into doing things that would make you feel bad and hurt yourself. So instead of punching that abuser down all you do is break your own jaw! They will never support you, but tear you down, and they come in disguised as anyone they want! Wow, what a psycho-therapist!!! They just don’t have any valid excuse for anger, because you are always good to them! You flip it around to imitate what they do, and they will play the role of victim in front of others! Ah, liars! Abusers are not just there to mess up with you, they always love hurting children and animals too. Depression is the key weapon. PATHETIC!

How can we all identify an abuser? THINK! LIKE SOMEONE IS TRYING TO FOOL YOU. It is a math problem, the process looks tricky but the answer to big sums were always 0 in math books. Remember that always. It is easy when you identify an abuser real fast. Think as though what you would do if you were in the abuser’s shoes. A guy not texting and you see him commenting on somebody’s pic? That’s an abuse too. If someone wants attention in love then that is justified, so the guy is just ignoring to hurt you. Back off anyway! You don’t need someone calculating your reaction for you. If someone can’t say upfront that you are not his love then he better stay alone with his sly nature. Your mother constantly pestering you? Yup, that’s your abuser right there! Not all moms are taking care of their kids, not all moms nag because they really care for you, some do but some don’t. Our mom is one such abuser! She has another story to say now. She wants us to sleep with our father and us revolting against it makes her angry. Should she be dead by now? Whatever!

Why am I talking about abuses? Because Livvy and I are facing real hard abuses at home, and it is happening right here in Kolkata. I am sure many people go through many forms of abuses, I am not a person who feels happy to see my own sorrow as small because someone else is having a more horrific moment. So sorry, I believe in giving importance to self, and you can never say one sorrow is greater than the other sorrow. Sorrows cannot be weighed that way. You feel it, you get hurt, you cry. Tears are real, mine and yours. This photo you see was taken when my sis and I went out to photograph my ootd post here . Was a good day because my sis and I feel happy to go out on walks. That’s the only time we can talk to each other, at home we are not allowed to talk. We are not “living” when we are at home. Hopefully, we can shift sometime soon. Please pray for people who are the real victims and keep processing your mind, so you don’t fall prey to abusers. Check out a short article I wrote on our current state here. Love and Light to all โค

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