Setback/Sit back | Life full of roses and coffee

Facing a temporary sit back/setback is inevitable. I am the elder sister between the two of us. Hi, my name is Molly. Huge hugs to all the new friends following our blog here and on Brand Olishna and on The Librettist. Many have read about the current situation my sister and I are going through, please take a moment to read here and here if you have not read about it yet. We have birds and plants with us and they are like our own kids. We are so very attached to animal and plant life that it may appear stupid to some people who do not share the same ideology about nature around them. This situation requires us to run out of this hell house, but where to? No friend turned out to be friendly. So, we are back to square 1. No home. Or stay here and get abused. I am able to type this out because my parents are not at home. It is a serious house arrest. And I am 27, for Lord’s sake! To not be able to voice out is sad, regardless of the age. But this torture is killing us.

I am happy to announce that Livvy and I are proceeding with our art business. We are selling some of our original artworks. The prices will be high when it comes to original watercolor paintings. It could be anything, we draw Biblical, boho, crystals, animals, weddings, portraits, logos, clothing, fashion, beauty, gardens, just about anything. We draw custom art too. Expect design and illustration prints on coffee mugs,tote bags, and tees. We need the cash to keep the process uninterrupted, so we are selling artworks (not just prints) to pull in money as much as we can. Working two jobs will make the process slow but I am trying. We cannot let it drown us. I will be posting more about art here so all of you can see and spread the word because we are really looking forward to finding interested people on social media and expect support from the blogger world.ย  Also, does anyone know thoroughly about Etsy? We are from India and we need someone who we can turn to with our queries. We are just weeks away from printing our contact cards, won’t call it business cards because we don’t have a store yet. We need help, big time! โค

Have a great time! Anyone who would like to help us out can just add a comment to this post or email us for blog related work at and for art related business to ๐Ÿ™‚

Join us on Facebook and Instagram because we usually have our cell phones to work with and sneak peek of our next work is always uploaded on social media.

Love from both of us, โค

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