Some 2016 Festive Memories

The year 2016 ended well. But the beginning of 2017 is leaving us hot-glued to energy draining people. I am opening folders and just sighing. We took some pretty pictures back in December when things were still happy, or when we tried to seem happy. Here’s some unpublished photos from the nearest past that we had!


With all the business initiative going on we still have our minds divided into many messy parts. I can’t think straight. Livvy can’t sleep. We can’t slow down. We are coming up with a sweet business card design for our sweet sweet Brand Olishna . That’s the first company we have always wanted to establish as official. The sudden change in our lifestyle, the rude and obscene mentality of our so-called parents, and unmasking of wolves in sheep’s clothing made us feel threatened. Being homeless is pretty sad, people make nasty jokes about it and forget. Abuse, in any form, must be stopped. And being homeless was the only choice. We will go MIA for some time, we will try our best to post once a week at least. We also need to sketch so we can get our art printed. Any fellow lifestyle , food, and fashion bloggers can email at to pre-order coffee mugs or art prints or tees. We are also sketching many many beard illustrations, so all our dapper gents should also get ready for an influx of designs appealing to men. ๐Ÿ™‚ Original artworks are also being sold, but since the paper is archival the prices are starting at $300 for 9″ x 12″ archival paper size. Shipping worldwide and with love โค

This artwork is available to purchase and you just have to email us to know more! Send an email to if you wish to get a custom made artwork/illustration or just want to purchase some of the new artworks.

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday! And wish us good luck! โค

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