The Month Of March 2017

March is a very special month for us. This photo taken by Livvy is from last year’s archives. We have about four months that have been very sweet to us. March, October, December, and January. March and October are months when Molly (me) and Livvy were born. December and January we got our bird kids (30th Dec and 1st Jan to be accurate). So, welcoming the March of 2017 is going to be fun! Lent starts on 1st March, which means fasting and eating lots of fruits. Ah, fruits are our favorite kind of foods. If anyone is bothered about extra flab, go fasting and don’t gobble when you feel the hunger, you will shed the kilos. But, fasting is spiritual, so don’t fast just for the sake of a diet plan. Fast only if you feel you are letting go of the gluttony, feeling oneness with the people who go without food because they cannot afford it. To purify yourself and not be just dependent on earthly food.

March, as I mentioned, is my birthday month. So, we never have meat in the house during lent. And lent is always during March. Now that Livvy and I have been sticking to no-meat lifestyle, it doesn’t matter at all. Earlier, when we used to have meat we had to wait for the Lent to get over and only celebrated on Easter Sunday. After we gave up meat we started gorging on fruits every day, and celebrate anything with fruits and chocolates. This year, my birthday falls on a full moon Sunday. It was a full moon night when I was born in 1990, and I am so thrilled to have a full moon birthday this year. People who don’t like moon and nightly starry dreams won’t get my excitement, but I am looking forward to sweet moonbeams โค

March used to be horrific month of school exams , but now no more. I remember going to school to take an exam on my birthday too! But gone are those bad days. That’s the best part of being 27? I turn 27 in about three weeks. And I am still that girly Pisces, glitter hugging my life. I have a Scorpio sister with me (Livvy is a Scorp) and we enjoy being the creative women that we are. March also signifies the start of our art business, we are officially releasing the design of our business/contact cards. We thought of getting it all printed but then we are sticking to handmade cards. Since we are all for hand drawn stuffs, we are making cool business cards for ourselves, and if you like those you can place order with us so we can make you awesome cards as well. Don’t forget, we draw just about anything. We will sell original artworks first and then we’ll start off with clothing, mugs, tote bags, caps.

We are also getting ready to start with our story writing, AGAIN. I have been neglecting The Librettist for weeks and we both are just two women who, currently sick, are trying to make a living. Blocks in the head just refuse to go! But, you gotta keep the engine running, more so when you are women in a very abusive world. I cannot thank you all enough for showing your support, constantly hitting the follow button, expressing how you love our lifestyles. Even though it is my voice you keep listening to, Livvy is more or less saying the same stuff right behind me. With a much heavier slang tone. Because the situation we are in is making us angry for letting the abusive people run the show for too long. Here’s to a grand month of March. We hope for a better March. And now we need to take our cough medicine because we are really really ill. So I’m going to get off WordPress asap after publishing this, I can’t keep coughing at my computer screen. You know how nasty cough and cold can be? The body aches. Blame it to the water element zodiacs that we are! Haha, the weather change is always bad! Anyway, stick to our blog and we’ll bring you nice yummy food updates to follow this Lent.

With love and light and lots of coughing. Oh, sorry! I just need to cough.

Have a nice week!

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