Ash Wednesday 2017

Welcome, all readers! You know what day it is today! The cover photo says it all : #Ashtag on! 1st day of March marks first day of Lent. We remember how we missed every Ash Wednesday mass when we were in school and college.

Lent calls for fasting, could be anything from food to personal choices. This Lenten season Livvy and I thought of creating a moderate eating habit of taking in food only when necessary. As prayer enthusiasts we do fast moderately, we aren’t boasting on how we fast and how “holy” that should make you think of us. Nah, let’s just say we feel like sharing some food plans you could follow if you want to fast this Lent. Not for hardcore fasting, we just want to share some recipes that are simple and you could enjoy. Like a minimal meal plan. Talk about detox and smoothies and home made fresh eats. Lent celebrates the purpose of Christ’s life. Good Friday and Easter come and go but Lent season is the prime preparation to reflect and renew. To grow closer to the meaning of life. If we sound like catechists we can’t help it, but truly as humans we can only benefit ourselves and do a favor to our society and nature by tuning in to the energy of everlasting soul. The idea of fasting is less religious, more psychological and ethical. We do not live by food alone. Learn to listen to your body needs, when your stomach is really in need of food and when is it that we are abusing the stomach by over feeding it, bringing down our own immunity.

To stay humble and live compassionately. Be strong in love. Come and Join us here on this site, follow us and be happy and more aware.

Thanking God and Angels for bringing all of us together, be it love for fashion or beauty or food or faith. But we are here, together.



A mandatory Ash Wednesday photo of us. I think half the world is looking like a marked army out of graves right now. โค

Also, 12th March is my birthday and we are going to put up a cute outfit post that day, so hit that follow button and enjoy!

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