Birthday Outfit | Iralzo Ruffle Top and Bedazzle Skirt

Yay! It is my birthday! Hi, I am Molly, the one who keeps flooding your feed with posts. My sister,Livvy, takes most of my photos and is currently watching me waging war against our keyboard. We are munching on enormous chocolate bars and look like gorillas leading a lavish lifestyle. We can dream, right? So, I turn 27 today. Wearing Iralzo top and Bedazzle skirt, I celebrated my 27th year with my fav girl on the planet, my baby sis โค . Please find the links at the end of this post ๐Ÿ™‚



I am so happy my sister chose to give me tons of chocolates this year, technically that’s the primary gift she give me each year, but this time the chocolate bars were too many! We are wearing tops from Iralzo and skirts from Bedazzle. I have linked all the outfit details below โค


I chose to go with a minimal makeup look, yes, don’t debate on that, a little foundation and lipstick and eyeliner never scream out loud. Lol.


Ruffles on this top! I am going to wear this with few more of my skirts and perhaps a cool pair of jeans in few months. We repeat our outfits, like all working ladies out there โค I am so in love with this creamy nude tone, The fabric is top quality, and like all lovers of vintage clothing I love all things ruffle โค You can team it up with almost anything! Picture me with jeans and this top tucked in, with short hair for androgyny look. I wish I had the guts to go pixie cut again, hmm. This top is very feminine but like I said, you can play around with any androgyny style you love and give the ruffle those stylish twist and twirl โค I am flaunting it this summer but you might see me wearing it with a shrug even in fall.


Yes, you have seen Livvy wear an exact skirt (different color) on her birthday! We are always twinning! I love floral motifs and layers are always gorgeous. Don’t you love skirts? If you are like me, a girl who is not THAT girly but likes skirts, you will know how less I’d be caught wearing florals, so you know if I am wearing anything floral it means I like it a lot. This Bedazzle skirt is just that, too adorable to ignore โค


And this one is with our teddy : Mister Chocky Bourbon โค Read about him here ๐Ÿ™‚


Simple nail art for my birthday. I used Kiss You and Milk Shake from TIL . All hand done and without any stamping tool โค


Few of the chocolates I could hold on to , the rest are in the fridge. I also got a lovely Pisces artwork from her which I will share on Brand Olishna


I am 27 and I rarely feel that I, as a person, have changed from what I was at 17. Only that I do feel more exhausted than before when juggling two jobs and working on custom made artworks. I am happy I am in my late twenties, with my younger sis, with my bird kids and aloe plants, living a simplified life of hope and dreams, away from abusive parents. Oh, and chocolates. Never forget chocolates. Haha. I will post about the cake tomorrow, because I am so very tired right now I can just go to sleep! My jaws hurt from so much of munching! Don’t forget to follow on Instagram and Facebook, we need you there โค

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Outfit Details

Top | Iralzo | here

Skirt | Bedazzle | here

Shoes | Anand Archies | here

For Livvy’s outfit check here โค

Have a great weekend and Full Moon โค

All images and contentย ยฉ Livvy & Molly

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