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Welcome to our blog Livvy & Molly, where we write about fashion, beauty,lifestyle, music, what we love and what we don’t, plus some extra talking about the topics we feel for, our ideologies, our experiences, socio-religio stuffs. Today we are talking about our sibling bond.

Ummm, yeah, that was what we thought could have been our opening dialogue for a vid we thought of attaching to this post. But, the cameras are not charged, it is freakishly sweaty hot here in Kolkata, and we don’t have any energy to be smiling on camera. Feels disgusting already to see the sun blazing like the sky is on fire! We promised to share what makes our sibling bond work more than other sibling pairs out there, so here we go! (It’s gonna be a lengthy read!)

The lovely cover pic was taken by Livvy, we were snapping some outfit shots and saw a lovely floral bush by the road and she just clicked, two years ago out in the rain. Two years ago we started with our lifestyle and beauty blog, yes this very blog. Our sibling bond grew stronger not just because we are sisters. You will see many people born of the same blood but the bond does not always grow to its full strength. We faced troubled times together, we came up with the same methods to fight against abuse on our own, we were not in the game as a duo before. Because practically, when you are five and you have a six month old baby in the house, you don’t understand your own parents/family have already started playing dirty politics with you because you both are girls. My sister Livvy was bawling for milk like any kid would do, and I was running up and down with my tiny homework copies , while the ill-treatments continued, and we never realized things were already going wrong for us. As the elder one I can never say I fully understood what our childhood was, because my sis and I could never identify the behaviors, could never know why we were being treated bad. So, we both fought individually in our own way, not letting each other know about what we interpreted from what our parents did.

And then there was the horror school, we both went to the same school, Auxilium Convent. Like all other siblings, who go to the same convent school, would agree, we never got to see each other after we entered the class rooms, she had her classmates, and I had mine. You will be sidelined if you don’t mingle with your classmates, and our assembly queues were formed at different places in the playground. Like, when she was in class 6 I was in class 11 and we had to stand for the assembly prayers far away from each other because of class difference. Middle and High school classes were placed in ascending order. So, my sis and I could only talk to each other when returning on the same school bus. I couldn’t save her from getting bullied, she couldn’t save me either. And then back to home of abuse.

Cut to the future, we both dropped out of college, Scottish Church College, Kolkata. I completed my B.A English honors from there and after I did my Masters our dad wanted me to get a B.Ed degree from my undergrad college. My sis was also told by him to get a Physics honors degree from that college itself. We both got admission but as luck would have it, we both had to drop out in a month. We were forced to, she was the only Christian girl in the whole class of boys, and all the professors were just bullying her to the point where they would ask her random questions that were not even from the chapters they taught, and would send her out of the class or just verbally insult her, whereas they never asked anybody but her, and if a guy couldn’t answer in her class he would still be allowed to sit, but my sis wouldn’t be allowed to have a single stress free day in class! Every single day they would just bully her. The same with me in my B.Ed department, the professors just would pick on me and all would make our lives more miserable. To any outsider it would seem that they planned the whole thing to get us both out of that college. Because technically this never happened, we are not loud, we are silent students who don’t trouble teachers. Drop our names in our school and you wouldn’t find a single complaint. But I guessย  some people just love bullying people who mind their own business. It got suicidal soon and we thought of dropping out. I am not going into more details but the situation was worse than what we felt in school with all the overtly sexed up girls we had in class who bullied girls who didn’t have a love life. It gets tough when professors bully. Yes, Scottish Church College, you will soon find your professors behind bars for crossing limit. Your teachers are not humane enough to teach other people. Just a bunch of abusive people who need to prey on others.

Livvy and I are now successful bloggers and Illustrators. We draw and write. She is a bio-technologist, I will never get into B.Ed again, I don’t want to be a teacher in a country where abusive teaching is the only way you teach.

As you read, my sis and I have gone through shitty things a lot (we can’t mention all the shitty stuff now), so I guess raising voice together was inevitable. Not that we did not stay silent, we did! But, after silence fails you need to shout. This blog is the battle cry. We have formed our own individual personal circle where we self preserve ourselves even though we share one bed, one chair, one wardrobe. We also maintain a healthy code of conduct, she doesn’t wear my stuff and I don’t wear hers, unless it has been more than five years already. I don’t wear her brand new clothes, she doesn’t wear mine. It is called respecting boundaries. Her chosen stuffs are hers, my selected stuffs are mine. She is allowed to wear my tee after I have primarily worn it because, well, that is my fav and I chose it for me. The same goes for her tees. And we NEVER wear each other’s lingerie. That hygiene part is always there. No matter how well washed, we never share lingerie. However, we do choose for each other, I always keep asking her to buy designer stuffs ๐Ÿ™‚ She keeps her books on her side of the shelves , I have my own side. It not only helps to spot books faster, but looks organized and gives a sense of self space. We also keep forth our own opinion differences, there are million times we have fought, but it is always a verbal fight to resolve something and come up with a solution. You get to know the shaky parts of a matter when you talk it out. Communication and verbal fights come hand in hand, don’t ever keep silent and hope for solution. You feel something wrong, say it. Keep the communication strong by letting difference of opinions be! And get it all solved by letting the other person know! If you agree to everything, good! If you don’t, see how you can meet each other half way! We have similar stuffs from same brand, or same printed shirt of different colors. Letting our differences develop made our personal choices flourish. We accept the differences and realize that our individual self is independent. The decisions we take as duo team is chiefly based on both of our P.O.V and both of us bring our own perspectives to the table. Not only does it mark our responsible self as solid but it perimeters all the aspects when two different people, with two different minds sit to talk. Above all we all need to see that nothing hurts us, and to see the other person as important. To feel the need to appreciate the little things together even though Livvy might just be looking at the moon and stars and that glow, and I am just looking at the clouds drifting and taking animal shapes.

And here’s why we included ” Brotherhood” In the title. Brotherhood is a very sensitive word in our life. My sis and I are two physically female beings, but there was supposed to be another one. Between me and my sis, there was supposed to be a brother, literally. He was aborted before my sis came into this world. And we came to know about it just few years ago. We named him Micheal, in our hearts. We believe his soul is with us. We both have felt a manly, brotherly presence around us before. We feel our birds are physical manifestation of his soul. So, in all worlds, we are not just two sisters, we were three, two sisters with a brother. Brotherhood is something we feel for all animals and birds. I don’t know if you have an animal with you at home, but if you do, you will see your pet’s eyes are similar to any animal! Livvy and I make eye contact with our birds and they love it, their eyes are similar to that of every animal we see. So, all animals that cross our path make us feel we belong to them and they are like our kids. We consider animals more worthy of love and that they should be treated the way you’d treat your family with love. They are just physically formed differently, but they feel more than you and me. Look after their needs, don’t just switch that fan off if you aren’t there in the room but your dog is. Let them choose the window they want to sit at. Let your cat dictate your meal timings. Let them form your soul. Keep an animal with you so you know what divine love is. It doesn’t matter if your animal kid is up in the altar, some birds are big and can’t be caged, they might break things, don’t scold them, they will help you formulate your humility and patience, your human pride needs to be killed. Just worshiping God and treating others right won’t do. If you just keep posting your dog’s funeral pics, it doesn’t mean a thing. Keep animals with you but give them respect, they are NOT toys. For once, keep them in place of the parents you keep as the most high priority, yes, animals deserve that importance. And if your parents and teachers have made you or shown you that they are supreme or behaved in such a way that they should be worshiped, that’s wrong upbringing. Make your teachers and parents eat the humble pie and treat animals well. Because God is the only person to be worshiped, He alone deserves praise, and let His animals know you love them. No human formed you, so keep that pride aside. You were born out of the same power that dog/cat/rat is made of.

Have a happy Sunday, and cherish that sibling bond.

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