Meals For Lent | What to eat and drink when fasting during Lent

Hello, everybody! Well, this weekend is turning the heat up, literally! It is no more spring here, Kolkata is a burning summer right now. We promised to share some of the recipes we are following this Lenten season. So, today we are posting about a cold drink you can prepare at home and have with your family,kids and friends. Takes just few seconds to make! Yes, that easy!

What are the stuffs you give up when fasting during lent? I remember giving up chocolates, and I have been away from chocolates for a long long time. Years, actually. Today’s recipe requires you to have some chocolates at home. People might say chocolates are luxury items and you cannot have those during Lent, but as devout Catholics all we can say is there is no hard and fast rule as to what you should eat and should not. Many Christians don’t observe fasting at all. It is a personal choice, you can give up any food item you love during the Lent and offer it to God. Our God is understanding and He wouldn’t mind if you are not giving up chocolates. We do not eat meat, it has been years this way. That’s a personal decision. Christians often go vegan during this time and it is advisable to do so, at least during this time, to be one with the 40 days of fast Christ observed.  But it is the faith that matters, if you do not fast it doesn’t turn you into our enemy. Do not start fasting for long hours if you are not used to it, try increasing the hours gently day after day. You may not give up any food at all, fasting can be of any type, you may give up watching Television for this season. The goal is to be independent of over-eating, over exposed to wrong media, to be calm and still in presence of the Lord.


Fruits are a great way to get the fasting started, you can opt to have more fruits or fruit based preparations. Like us, you can introduce a cold drink in your Lent meal plan.

Here’s what you will need :

1.Pomegranates – Get the arils out first. Take as much as you want. We took two pomegranates for serving two of us.

2.Milk – Two glasses if you are serving two people, three glasses if serving three, and so on.

3.Sugar- You do need lots of sugar if you want it real sweet, so you can use honey or sugar substitutes.

4.Chocolate powder- Two large spoons if serving two, increase it by one spoon if you have a third person joining the party.

5. Blend it all together!

6. Pour it out! Add ice cubes! Or just leave it in the fridge to get it chilled before serving!

You can add almonds, nuts, other fruits to make this smoothie. You can also add choco sauce or cream to it! Play it up and decorate, because your kids will love it!


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