2017 Beauty Haul Part 1

Yassss!!! We reached 200 follows!!! Oh Yaassss! Thank you guys!

And we would love to say we’d celebrate this milestone, but things are not going that well with our real life, not that blogging isn’t real to us or part of our real life, but the sad-reality is just eating our energy away! We don’t want to mess your beautiful feed with our sob story, but hey, we all deal with shit days.

And, since 200 bloggers love us for what we write and what we love to discuss here, we thought about a special compilation of the beauty products we are loving this season โค

No, we don’t just have beauty on this list, we have something for the fashionistas (our outfits), something for the food bloggers(our recipes), and also something more for the people who follow us here about our views on life and experiences. But to start off on a good note, let’s talk beauty ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s the first batch of stuffs we’ll be reviewing another day, after Easter. Sorry, we cannot sit down to review these yet, I start my Good Friday fast from tomorrow , so no blogging till Easter.

I am refraining from blogging to sink the reason of the season in. Livvy is busy with killing mosquitoes, not that we want to, but our locality got summer mosquitoes all over and I cannot sit to type with these mosquitoes around me. We are also preparing some artworks for our online shop. So, stay tuned โค

The pics you see are some of our summer favs. There are deodorants and perfumes, face washes and body scrubs, also lip balms and eyeliners. You need to follow us if you wanna know what we love. Right on Easter Monday we’ll show you more about these and let you know which ones are amazing โค

Before you leave, please visit us on Instagram and Facebook to see posts updates there first ๐Ÿ™‚

For business queries and collaborations/events email at livvyandmolly@gmail.com


All images and content ยฉLivvy & Molly

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