Easter Outfit 2017 | Molly

Happy Easter , everyone! We are late in greeting you guys, but we can explain! We are still celebrating Easter! Nope, not kidding! We have our tummies full and so very thankful to God for helping us through our hard times, takes around a month to let Easter moments sink in, just like Christmas. If you are a devout Christian you know what happens after Easter, right? People greet, meet, gift. And you have your whole parish coming in to celebrate, then your house is blessed by the parish priest on one of the following Sundays, you never know when they knock on your door because everyone wants their house to get blessed first right after Easter. Easter is Big! Should be biggest because that’s where our faith starts, with love and pain and renewal of life.

This year, Livvy and I took our outfit pics at our church garden, our church is going through some construction work and so we couldn’t take photos of the beautiful statues of Mary and Jesus. We are always very nervous when clicking photos at church, is that nun looking at us? Haha, you know how it is if you have been in a convent school. But the nuns were very happy we were clicking photos there! So, here’s my outfit first, since I am the elder one…let me show you my dress and how I styled it!


I am loving my new Prym dress and the layered look is my new spring-summer style I’ll be following. I don’t do layers much, but this dress got me thinking like , “Hmmm, I could do with some layers in my wardrobe!”


Pretty way to pair up a dress is to get some nice jewelries. I have Gbtrue pearl necklace with me, and got a beautiful pair of earrings to go with this dress ๐Ÿ™‚ Plus, my nail art is in sync with my dress!


These Lingua Nigra bangles are amazing with any outfit! Some of you must have seen me wear these with my New Year Outfit , yes, I love them sooo much I can repeat these with as many outfits I want โค And we don’t mind pairing silver rings with gold bangles, whoever is setting these “don’t mix with that” rules is BS. We really don’t care about the rules when it comes to personal styling.


Hope you guys loved this simple look, find the links are below.

Don’t forget to join us on Facebook and Instagram because we post photos there first! This will be the first time we are updating our blog first and not Instagram, blame it on the Easter stress!

Wait for Livvy’s outfit, up next!

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All images and content ยฉLivvy & Molly

Outfit Details

Dress | Prym | here

Necklace |GhanaSingh Be True | here

Bangles | Lingua Nigra | here

Shoes |Anand Archies | here

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