The Month Of April 2017

April is almost over, done and dusted. This weekend is the last weekend for our month of April. We are not sure how and when April took flight and now we are looking at May. My sister and I are on periods, so we are resting for many hours. We are those women who always have menstrual issues, things are genetic. Our bodies never got used to the menstrual cycles. At least the issue with the pain never got down really well. Some may feel odd to hear about menstruation on a style blog, but as responsible women who also happen to be conscious about health and mind, we feel menstrual cycles need more outlet than just our bodies. We write with a sore head. Our bodies are bleeding for a long time, but we thought about sharing some latest news from our life with our blogger friends here.

April was not as beautiful as we see in pictures. India is heating up, we barely get to go out because we are sensitive to heat and dust. Thinking about the rest of the summer is making us dizzy. But Easter was good, we shared with you our outfit posts here and here . We loved sketching all through the month. It is taking some time for us to set up the online art shop, but we’ll get it done soon. With so many product reviews lined up for us to publish, and the numerous photographs that are piling up, it all got us working overtime. Everyday is a new day, but the summer and menstruation are making it worse.ย  This April we planned to get some new collection of artworks up on Brand Olishna , and we are doing it on the last day of April. We wish we could publish those sooner but menstruation got in the way. Then getting the works done, all the chores, all the cleaning, washing, cooking. Things just keep adding up! All you will want is a nice shower and good yummy treats in bed.

How are our women bloggers tackling periods when it comes to blogging? Do you blog on these particular days? Or you just skip writing altogether?ย  We are curious, just thinking how tough things get for female bloggers when we need to get outfits photographed or write reviews. Any of our male bloggers have any opinions?

Have a sweet weekend , y’all! Send us some virtual hugs please! ๐Ÿ™‚

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