May Play | Eating Fresh

The purpose of having food is never pleasure centric. We feel, food is more for sustenance. And taste, although sensual, is temporary. We cannot recall how exactly the taste of a food was, but we just keep a generalized memory of it with us. What we must strive for is to have clean and fresh foods, your primary need is not to have food for yummy taste but to keep your system nourished. We always pick foods that taste great, no problem in that! But the problem arises when you compromise, because no matter how great your plate looks you should never have something that is not clean or fresh. I am not talking about cooked foods, some food recipes require time for a great taste. Fruits and veggies that you can have raw on the other hand cannot be cut and put aside to be had later. If you must slice it and keep, make sure you do so in a healthy way. Do not keep the slices out in the open for reactions to form or fleas to gather around. Summers are evil when you stay in countries like India. My sister and I make sure we have lots of fruits (smoothies are our favorites!) . We love having a fruit based lifestyle. The picture as the cover photo of this post is from one such day when we planned to have All-Fruits-Brunch. Switching to a fruit based meal plan can help you bring in a beautiful change. I personally feel like I am closer to a big fruit garden or something! ๐Ÿ™‚

We often photograph our foods and forget to share it with you all here. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see more of what we do โค

Also, we opened our Bigcartel shop this month! See for more, the shop is under construction but you can email us at if you like any of our original artworks! Remember : Original artworks are one of a kind and so are costly as once they are gone They are Really GONE!

For collabs/events/promotions please get in touch with us at โค See you tomorrow, folks!

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