Saturday Brunch

Brunch ideas, anyone?

We are not early risers. We are so proud of it that if you have us over for dinner and we stayed at your place we’d not leave bed early morning. I would never blame our school and work life for it. If you know already, this world has humans with different body clocks. No matter how early we got to bed we’ll always wake up at around 10 o 11 in the morning. School hours were horrible, we are so glad we don’t need to follow that cruel routine anymore!

Also, we are water zodiacs, we are night babies. We can never love the scorching sunlight. HAHA.

So, when my sis and I wake up, it is usually late morning early afternoon. And we don’t like heavy breakfasts. We like our brunch items light and yummy. I whip up fruit smoothies at times, Livvy makes sandwiches or salad. She made this lovely meal you see as the cover pic here. What you need is something fresh and yummy to strat the day. And home made stuffs are the best any day!

How do you like your first meal of the day? Do you think about your breakfasts too much, what to eat or not to eat? Or do you like late breakfasts like us? Livvy and I were discussing that we should blog about some awesome brunch ideas you could follow and also make nice stuffs at home for your kids!

Hope you guys are having a lovely Saturday/Sunday, wherever you are! โค

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