Trinity Sunday Outfit

Happy Trinity Sunday, everyone! It is still a Sunday morning somewhere, even though it is officially Monday here past eight minutes! This will be a short post on what outfits we wore to church this Sunday Morning. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend and are now with family or friends, celebrating the abundance our Lord gives us every day.

Please excuse my weird smile, I just pose very oddly in front of cameras, yup that’s me in pink.


Livvy wore green today, Oh gosh, the shimmery leaf motifs look sooo cool on her!


These were taken right after the mass , we were enjoying the lovely weather, thank God it did not rain heavily and neither was it too sunny. The weather was perfect and pleasing, because you know the horrid weather in India this time around? It really sucks! And today, of all the possibilities for weather havoc, it all went well.

Have a happy feast of Holy Trinity, may the Lord bless you, and the Holy Spirit strengthen you, and the Almighty Father protect you.

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Have a great time, y’all!

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