Summer Outfit 2017 | Livvy

Hello, people! How’s summer treating you guys? Indian summers can never be enchanting, if you stay in Kolkata you will know that no matter how thankful we are to be NOT in Delhi or Mumbai (because Kolkata is relatively cooler than those areas) we still hate summers. And now that the rains are on, it is just a confused weather play everyday! Sun and rain, sun and rain! We all feel uncomfortable, weather mishaps leave us feeling off tune. You’ve seen my outfit for summer here . Livvy wanted to wear something easy and she chose to wear a long high low shirt from Oxolloxo. Scroll to see more pictures below, you’ll love the tiny jewelries she’s wearing. Link to the items are at the end of this post ๐Ÿ™‚


This faded blue shirt is a little distressed at the sleeves. The color is so mild and it appears white in bright sunlight. It has pockets, this shirt has pockets! Imagine that! Wow! โค


Livvy is wearing Pink sapphire earrings from Nicole Winkler Jewellery. These super sparkly and dainty earrings deserve a blog post of their own, with many photos displaying their beauty. Coming up shortly!


Livvy is also wearing Rose quartz wire wrapped jewelry from Hippie Notions. Wow, crystal and wire wrap, that’s two good news for your jewelry collection!


You can pair it with leggings, jeggings, jeans, shorts. Summer or not, this is a classic sleeveless shirt with a style twist to it! โค

Outfit Details

Shirt |Oxolloxo | here

Earrings |ย  Nicole Winkler Jewellery | here

Pendant | Hippie Notions | here

For all business queries and collabs please email us at

While Livvy is away cooking dinner, I’ll just go and take a shower after hitting “publish” . I’ll come back to check notifications! Follow our Instagram so you get updates there! That’s it for today, I’ll be writing about nailart tomorrow! Enjoy your New Moon weekend, everyone!

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