Indian Outfit 2017 | Molly

Hey, I am Molly, and welcome to our little blog. You just saw my sister’s outfit post, this one is my ootd post featuring the summer Indian outfit. I explained a little in the previous post about what we are wearing. Because we have majority of our readers from outside India , many people may not know what a Kurti or a Kurta is. It is a long top or tunic like garment you wear on top and pair it with leggings or jeans. Goes perfect for all weathers and the prints are always amazing. You buy branded ones or low priced, it all looks pretty when worn in summer. I’d say it again, I pose in a weird manner, please excuse my expressions and selfies, I smile at camera like it is my boyfriend. Sick, yeah? Enjoy my Libas kurti outfit post and find more about what I wore here.


I love earrings, so I chose to wear some ornate ones.



Everyone would agree these kurtis have good prints and colors. I am particularly used to wearing more jeans and shirts, so I am always feeling uneasy because of zero pockets. You will also find kurtis with pockets in the market, I am yet to find a good one with pockets though. With cotton as material you can hardly go wrong!

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