Jeans and Florals | Summer Look | Molly

Yasss! We made it! Boys and Girls, it is Sunday! Or, was Sunday, if you are located near our part of the world. July is a crazy month that goes crazy at least when it comes to the weather. It is raining but you still got summer heat. If you are reading our blog for a while now you already know we are two sisters who run this and are always on crunch time. We cook, broom, wash, dust, paint, and binge watch cartoons together.

Hi, I am Molly, elder sis of Livvy, and welcome to our little blog where we share about out lifestyle, beauty, and food habits. Today I am sharing what I wore to church, I never tuck in my shirts or tops, so this one is a first time try. I also never owned a pair of jeans that’s inky blue. Broke two rules in a day, haha. My floral shirt adds a pop of pink hue to the look ❤ And pony tails never looked so cute on me, trust me! I am like, wear a watch and a bangle and few rings, Done! Clean look for summer days!


I love wearing wedge heels, and because I am always in jeans, this skinny pair got me feeling happy all day! This pair of jeans will make you feel comfy even when going karate on any guy you catch cat-calling, just to say it is like your own skin! (And, there were guys who did make a pass at me, rude boys got a verbal lesson there from me right then! )

Do you love dark color jeans? I always stick to light blues/ dark blues or grays and black but never ink blue. How do you like my look?

Click links below to see what brand I am wearing ❤

Outfit Details

Jeans | Newport (Arvind Lifestyle) | here

Shirt | Honey | here

Please feel free to reach me and my sis at

You can also DM us on Instagram

Enjoy your weekend, people! Let’s roll!

Love you all ❤

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