Welcome to Livvy & Molly.

Livvy_and_Molly_Blogger_in_kolkataLivvy & Molly is a site about our personal style and buys. We are posting about what we prefer in our lives, ranging from style products to cooking to photography. The Images and Content are copyrighted (unless otherwise stated).

Two sisters united by blood, faith, food, lifestyle, and everything ornate. Oh, and Fashion of course!

About Livvy – Hello! I am a Science grad, in love with everything vintage, cooking, and painting. My elder sister Molly and I are fashion Illustrators and designers. Art is our first love.  I am a bird lover, we have two lovely budgerigars and they will feature in the category LITTLE HEARTS . Be sure to check them out and hit follow on Instagram!  I love photographing almost everything. I am a Scorpio who believes in being a clean soul. Take no harm, do no harm. But, for every instance I feel any criminal practices against anyone or myself I voice out fearlessly. One secret about me is I am a Shoeaholic and I LOVE buying outfits. Dressing good makes me feel I am on top of the world. I do not think one needs to follow trends blindly. A mix of individuality does the trick for me!


-Livvy , XOXO

About Molly – Hey y’all! I am Molly.  I am the one who is editing and typing most of the time, with my sis assisting whether at all I should write or post about any particular stuff I am eyeing. Decisions are taken by both and the things you read and see have been done solely by us, agreed on unanimously. I have completed my Masters in Literature, and been working as a blogger/ content writer for years (I started out when I was doing my grads). As Livvy mentioned earlier, we are fashion illustrators. You will also find posts and links to our other sites on the sidebar of this blog. I love reading novels and poetry as much as I love writing. Though my sis is a Science grad and I had been with Literature all my life, we both believe that the two disciplines combine to form sense and are not entirely independent of each other. I believe in construction, formation, and universal laws. What goes around Comes around. A Piscean way of summing up life.

-Molly, XOXO

We are playing style bloggers and photographers for this site.

Wish to see us in other avatars, as in playing other roles like Artists, StoryTellers, and Zodiac Queens?? Visit Brand Olishna, The Librettist, The Scorpio-Pisces Stories for more power-packed and inspiring posts by us!

P.S : Are you a brand? a photographer? a collaborator? an enthusiast with queries? We’d love to review your products and sample them here! We are also open to featuring events. For brand features or questions please contact us at livvyandmolly@gmail.com

Or just say Hi! ❤

-Livvy & Molly, XOXO ❤ ❤


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