ITC B Natural Juices Litchi Luscious Drink | Fruit Juice Drink 2015 Review

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Get your hands on the drink B Natural. Launched early this year, we found out this juicy drink is big on taste , and the beautiful whiff of fresh fruity feel adds to the whole experience! Bang on flavor! Soft, Velvety Treat indeed!Thank You ITC for this beautiful packaged drink! The flavor featured here is Litchi Luscious. Follow them here!

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The book featured here is one of our favorite reads : The Thoughtful Dresser by Linda Grant. Nailpolish by Elle 18

Book review coming up on The Librettist


Livvy : “Please do not change the packaging. The image of litchis say a thousand words about what is inside the pack, the color code is just the right choice.”

Molly : “It is, after all, the fresh chilled litchis on the cover that made me pick this!”

The 2015 drink for us is making us happy! ❤

Also watch the commercial that resonates with the uniqueness of the brand.

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